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Isle of Man Steam Packet Co.

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Isle of Man Steam Packet Co.

Postby shipstamps » Sun Sep 21, 2008 6:27 pm

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150th ANNIVERSARY — 1830-1980
Until the year 1819 transport between the Isle of Man and its larger island neighbours was solely by means of sailing ship. During the next ten years various companies provided steamship services, but these were mainly confined to the summer months. Winter arrangements were poor and unreliable, a matter of increasing annoyance to the rapidly expanding island population. It was felt that a Manx-based company would best serve their interests and in December 1829 the decision was taken to form a "Steam Packet Establishment for the Isle of Man." The first meeting was held on 5 January 1830 under the name "Mona's Isle Company." Later this was changed to "The Isle of Man United Steam Packet Company" and in July 1832 the present title was adopted. Mona's Isle, first ship of the new company, was commanded by Captain Gill, who discovered the Victoria Channel into Liverpool.
The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company has provided a magnificent service to the Island over the last 150 years, carrying millions of tourists in summer seasons and providing a reliable link with the mainland through the stormy waters of the Irish Sea in 'winter. Modern car-ferries can unload at all tide-levels and thousands of motor-cycles are carried each year for the world-famous Tourist Trophy races. The proud tradition of safe and efficient service has been worthily maintained to the present day.
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