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KRUSENSTERN, Adam Ivan (1770-1846) Russian admiral and hydrograph¬er, he served in the British Navy from 1793 to
1797 and during those years visited America, India, and China. He wrote a paper on the advantages of a direct route from Russia to China via Cape Horn, sent it to Alexander I, and was commissioned by him to make a voyage to demonstrate the possibility. Two ships were purchased in England, renamed NADEZHDA and NEVA, and accompanied by Otto von Kotzebue and Yuri Lisiansky, Krusenstern left Kronstadt in 1803 and proceeded to Kamchatka round Cape Horn and via the Sandwich Islands. After a prolonged series of exploratory voyages in the northern part of the Pacific, the expedition returned to Kronstadt by way of the Cape of Good Hope. Krusenstern thus became the first Russian cir¬cumnavigator and was received with many honours and promotion to admiral by Nicholas I. He became director of the Russian navy school and carried out considerable research on the best method of compensating compasses against the residual magnetism of iron ships.

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Re: Nadezhda

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Leader of the first Russian expedition to sail around the globe was Adam Johann
von Krusenstern (1770‑1846), a Baltic‑German born and raised in Estonia.
The expedition ships (purchased in England and renamed NEVA and the NADEZHDA, sailed from Kronstadt on 6 August 1803 and returned three years and twelve days later. The aim of the expedition was to take a Russian mission to Japan, to deliver goods to Russian settlements in Alaska and to sail around the world. he voyage made major contributions to various sciences. But the most important achievement was his Atlas de /'Ocean Pacifique, Krusenstern which he completed at his landed estate in Kittsi, Estonia in 1816‑1822. It was published in 1824‑7, a publication regarded as the best collection of Pacific Ocean navigation mops until the beginning of the 20th century. Source e Eesfi Post dpersoncinotes.

Estonia 2003 SG?
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Nadezhda is the big ship on both stamps.

For other ship Neva see topics; Neva, Neva and Thames.

Estonia, 2003, S.G.?, Scott; 461.

Russia, 1994, S.G.?, Scott; 6236.

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Re: Nadezhda

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F. Krusenstern (Adam Johann von Krusenstern ) (1770−1846) was a Russian navigator, Admiral, one of the founders of Russian oceanology, Honorary Member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences, a foundation member of the Russian Geographical Society.

In 1803-1806, Krusenstern on the NADEZHDA sailing sloop accompanied by his assistant Yuri Lisyansky on Neva executed the first Russian circumnavigation. During the expedition, they for the first time implemented extensive oceanographic and meteorological surveying and started systematic deep-water ocean research; besides, they compiled a description of a part of the Kuril Islands, coastlines of Sakhalin, Kamchatka, and some of the Japan islands.

The postal stamp provides I. Krusenstern’s portrait, an image of the NADEZHDA sailing sloop, the St. Andrew’s flag and a world map with the indicated route of the round-the-world expedition.
Russia 2020 54p sg?, scott?
St Helena 1986 5p sg 490, scott?
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1986 Adam-Johann-von-Krusenstern-and--Nadezhda-.jpg

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