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Georgy Sedov

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Georgy Sedov

Postby shipstamps » Thu Sep 04, 2008 8:09 am

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Built as a cargo-passenger vessel under yard No. 465 by D & W Henderson & Co., Ltd., Glasgow for Thetis SS Co. Ltd. (Job Bros & Co.), St John’s, New Foundland

Launched under the name BEOTHIC.

Tonnage 1.140 grt, dim. 240.7 x 35.8 x 24.5ft.

Powered by a coal fired triple expansion steam engine, 3.000 ihp., speed 13½ knots.

Ice strengthened.

February 1909 delivered to owners.

1916 Sold to T Cook, St John’s, and the same year again sold to Russian Government.

1920 Renamed by the Government Northern SS Co., Archangelskl/Sovtorgflot/U.S.S.R. in GEORGIY SEDOV.

1920 took part in the first Soviet Arctic Expedition to the mouths of the river Ob and Jenissei.

During 1930 took part in the expedition to the Northern part of the Kara Sea, where she discovered many islands.

1937 During the open water period of the season, when regular navigation was possible from Igarka, the GEORGIY SEDOV was the last vessel what left that port, but before reaching the Kara Sea she was frozen in off Dickson. Also many Russian icebreakers were frozen in and only the ERMAK was lucky, and she was the only Russian icebreaker in the northern waters which did not freeze in that season.

The ERMAK got the orders the next year to free the frozen in vessels, under which the GEORGIY SEDOV who got rudder damage from the ice. She could not put the rudder in amidships position.

But before she was freed, the decision was made to use the GEORGIY SEDOV as a drifting hydrologic station.

The other frozen in ships were freed under which the MALYGIN and SADOK, but the GEORGIY SEDOV could not be reached.

In the autumn a new powerful icebreaker was delivered the JOSIF STALIN, and under command of Capt. Bjeloussow a last attempt was made that year to free the GEORGIY SEDOV, but the JOSIF STALIN could not reach her.

At least in 1940 after the vessel was drifting in the ice for 812 days she was drifted so far south that on 13 January 1940 the JOSIF STALIN could free her.

The GEORGIY SEDOV did reach a position of 88 39N when drifting that is about 300 mile south of the Northpole.

Around 1966 she was a part of the Arctic museum in Archangelsk.

1967 Sold to Poul Christensen, Denmark for scrapping, he resold her to Eckhardt & Co., G.m.b.H., Hamburg the same year, and she was broken up there in January 1968. SG899, 4655

Source: Navicula. Register of Merchant Ships Completed in 1909.
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