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This River-class frigate L’Aventure was formerly H.M.S. Braid. She was purchased by the French on November 30th, 1943.
After war service with the Free French forces, she was taken over by the French navy and later became a fisheries protection vessel for Newfoundland and Greenland waters.
She was withdrawn from active service on December 15th, 1961. SG493

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Re: L'Aventure

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Built as a patrol frigate under yard No 761 by Simons Shipyard, Renfrew, U.K. for the Royal Navy.
01 December 1942 keel laid down.
30 November 1943 launched as HMS BRAID, one of the River class frigates.
Displacement 1,370 tons standard, 1,830 ton full load, dim. 301¼ x 36½ x 12¼ft.
Powered by reciprocating Parsons SR geared turbines, 3,500 ihp/6,500 shp, speed 20 knots., twin screws.
Radius 9.500 mile by a speed 10/12 knots. Bunker capacity 650 tons.
Armament 2 – 4 inch guns, 2 – 40mm and 9 – 20mm AA. One Hedgehog A/S mortar.
Crew 140.
21 January 1944 completed.

21 January 1944 taken over by the Free France Navy and renamed L”AVENTURE (F707).
Took part in the Normandy landings with assault convoy O2 as an escort.
1955/1962 Used as a fishery protection vessel providing medical and technical aid to the French fishing fleet off New Foundland and Greenland. (that is the reason a fishing vessel is depict on this stamp also.)
15 December 1961 decommissioned.
1962 Scrapped.

Source: British Escort Ships WW II by H.T. Lenton. The D-Day ships by John S. Winser. Logbook.

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