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Jacques Coeur

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Jacques Coeur

Postby shipstamps » Wed Sep 03, 2008 8:54 am

SG 142.jpg
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Trawler built by Thompson & Sons, Sunderland. Seized November 1942 by Germans at Port de Bouc and converted into submarine chaser UJ-2205.
Operated in Western Mediterranean with other captured vessels and trawlers.
Sunk 18 September 1943 in Tyrrhenian Sea.
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Re: Jacques Coeur

Postby aukepalmhof » Wed Jul 01, 2009 2:59 am

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Built as a trawler by R.Thompson, Sunderland, U.K for Le Morue Francaise, Paris, later Compagnie Generale de Grande-Peche.
02 May 1931launched under the name CORTE REAL, but before delivery renamed in Le JACQUES-COEUR.
Tonnage 1.168 gross, 590 net, 944 dwt., dim. 65.65 x 10.58m.
Powered by a7-cyl Polar Atlas diesel, 860 hp., speed 10 knots.
Crew 55
April 1933 delivered to owners.

1939 Acquired by French Navy and used as an auxiliary minesweeper under the name AD30.
21 May 1940 off Dunkerque bombed after which she sank.
Salved and taken up by the German Navy under M4617 as a minesweeper, later M3600.
During this work she was hit by a mine six-mile West of Ostend, Belgium on 17 September 1943 and was lost. (Miramar gives lost 18 April 1943 as Uj 2205.)
The stamp is an artist impression of the vessel then under construction.

Register of Merchant ships completed in 1933. Navicula. Log Book.
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