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Postby shipstamps » Thu Aug 28, 2008 2:47 pm

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The Naval School of Mexico, Vera Cruz, was founded in 1897, the stamp design showing the old cruiser Zaragoza, Granville built in 1891. Steel hulled, brig-rigged, and with a single funnel, she displaced 1,200 tons. Complement was 270 and engines of 1300 h.p. gave her a speed of 15 knots. Originally she was armed with four 12 cm. guns and four rapid-firing guns. She was refitted in 1910 and armed with six 4.7-in., 40 cal. guns; two 6-pdr. and two 1-pdr. Her dimensions were: 213 x 33 x 16 ft. A single-screw vessel, she had bunkerage for 200 tons of coal. SG1253
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