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Victorious HMS

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Victorious HMS

Postby shipstamps » Sat Aug 23, 2008 7:06 pm

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Built in 1936 HMS Victorious was one of four Illustrious Class of ships which had armoured flight decks and hangars which made them able to deal with Kamikaze attacks. After a hit, a bulldozer was used to push the wreckage over the side and quick drying concrete filled the large dent in the deck. Within 2½ hours she was flying off aircraft again. Captain Bovell, a Barbadian and son of the colony's one time Attorney General, was commanding HMS Victorious in the historic battle in which the "Bismarck" was sunk. Once she was within air range the torpedo carrying air¬craft on board took off and carried out a successful strike to help incapacitate the German Battleship.
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