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Tartar HMS

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The frigate HMS Tartar, was launched at Rotherhithe in 1756. Captain Lockhart, the ship's first Captain took many privateers in his two years in command. On 28 March 1764 Captain Sir John Lindsay sailed for Barbados carrying William Harrison, the son of John Harrison, with one of his timepieces on his historic voyage to solve the problem of finding longitude at sea. They arrived at Madeira on 19 April as predicted by Harrison. Barbados was sighted on 13 May and when Harrison arrived back in England on 18 July by merchant ship the timepiece was discovered to be only 15 seconds slow. HMS Tartar was eventually wrecked off San Domingo in 1797.

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Re: Tartar HMS

Post by aukepalmhof » Fri Jul 31, 2009 8:55 pm

Built as a 6th Rate by Randall at Rotherhite for the Royal Navy.
03 April 1756 launched under the name HMS TARTAR.
Tonnage 587 ton (bm), dim. 118 x 34ft.
Armament 28 guns.

March 1756 under command of Capt. John Lockhart (later Lockhart Ross). He took many privateers during his time he was command, including CERF 22 guns, GRAND GIDEON 26 guns, MONT OZIER 20 guns. During the action with the MONT OZIER he was wounded, and Thomas Baillie, the first lieutenant took command.
March 1757 he captured the VICTOIRE 26 guns a privateer from L’Havre. She was bought in the Royal Navy as TARTAR PRIZE and armed with 4 – 9pdrs. and 24 – 6 pdrs. Thomas Baillie was appointed to command her.
Lockhart after two months returned, and captured DUC d’ AIGUILLON 26 guns, COMTESSE DE GRAMONT 18 guns was taken in October 1757, in the Royal Navy under the name GRAMONT.
02 Nov. 1757 took the MELAMPE.

1760 Command was taken over by Capt. John Knight, and with Commodore Sir Piercy Brett’s squadron in the Downs. After Thurot’s small expedition escaped through the blockade on Dunkirk and his destination was unknown, Commodore Brett was ordered to Yarmouth.
06 Sept. 1761 with Lord Anson’s squadron which escorted Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz to Harwich.

28 March 1764 under command of Sir John Lindsay she sailed from Spithead, with on board William Harrison and one of his timepieces to Maideira, where they arrived 19 April, as predicted by Mr. Harrison. Barbados was sighted on 13 May.
When Harrison returned to England by a merchant ship on 18 July his timepiece was only 15 seconds slow.

1776 When General Howe’s operations to defeat Washington’s army about New York, he depended greatly upon the control of the waterways, and in this role the TARTAR was used to control the Hudson River, together with other Royal navy warships.

1779 Under command of Capt. Alexander Graeme, in November with Commodore Johnstone’s squadron off Cape Finisterre, on the afternoon of the 11th she was sent in chase of Spanish frigate SANTA MARGARITA 28 guns, which she captured. The Spaniards lost four killed and wounded, TARTAR had not any casualties. The Spaniard was taken in the Royal Navy under the same name.
1793 under command of Capt. Thomas Francis Fremantle, with Vice Admiral Hood’s fleet at Toulon.
April 1797 under command of Hon Charles Elphinstone, with a crew of 200, when she was coming out from Puerto Plata on the north coast of San Domingo, she was wrecked.
The crew were all saved by the cutter SPARROW under command of Lt. J.C.Peers.

The Togo stamp is designed after a painting by Thomas Mitchell, forcing a passage of the Hudson River 1776.

Source: Ships of the Royal Navy by Colledge. Shipwrecks of the Revolutionary & Napoleonic Eras by Terence Grocott. Naval Warfare in the Age of Sail by Bernard Ireland. Mostly copied from http://www.cronab.demon.co.uk/T.HTM


Re: Tartar HMS

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HMS Tartar, along with HMS Phoenix and HMS Roebuck are depicted on Togo SG 1119, on the Hudson River, New York, 1776.

Source Ships on Stamps, second edition, 1993.

Richard A. Hindle.

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