Christian Radich

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Christian Radich

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Christian Radich, of Norway, named after the donor whose money purchased the ship. She is a steel auxiliary full-rigged ship, launched in 1937, at Sandefjord, Norway, by Framnaes, for the Oslo Schoolship Association. She is a vessel of 676 tons with an auxiliary engine capable of giving a speed of 8 knots. Sail area is about 11,700 sq. ft. She carries no cargo other than the necessary stores and equipment. The vessel's complement is: captain; three mates; schoolmasters or instructors; doctor; engineer steward; cook; and 100 cadets. She made her first cruise in 1938. During the war she was taken over by the Norwegian Navy and used at Horten Naval Base. Captured by German forces during the invasion, she had to be rebuilt after the war because of the serious damage and this was completed in 1947. She resumed training in that year. She is a ship of 208 net tons. Length 205 ft.; breadth 32 ft.; draft 15ft. 6 in.; depth 18 ft. 9 in. SG361

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Re: Christian Radich

Post by aukepalmhof » Wed Nov 25, 2009 7:43 pm

Built as a training ship under yard No 115 by Framnæs Mek. Verksted, Sandefjord, Norway for Østlandets Skoleskib, Oslo.
August 1936 work commenced to built the vessel.
05 February 1937 launched under the name CHRISTIAN RADICH, named after Christian Radich (1822-1889) a cavalry officer, director of a sawmill and shipowner from Kristiania (Oslo).
Tonnage 676 gross, 208 net, dim.73.00 x 9.70 x 4.70m. (draught).
Powered by a 4-cyl diesel engine, manufactured by Deutsche-Werke, Hamburg. Hp?
Sail area 1234m².
Accommodation for around 14 crew and 100 boys.
June 1937 handed over to owners. Building cost NOK 609.293,04.

Her maiden voyage was to Frederikshald, Kirkwall and Leith, the she made a representation cruise in the Baltic with visits to Stockholm, Helsingfors and Karlskrona.

1939 She made her first voyage across the North Atlantic, in connection with the World Exposition in New York. Arrived 14th June on the Ambrose pilotstation where she took on board the pilot.
Berthed in New York on 20th June with on board the Crown Prince of Norway and Crown Prinses Märtha.

When World War broke out was she requisitioned by the navy of Norway in Horten where she was used as accommodation vessel.
After the invasion she was seized by the German troops, and used as a U-boat depot vessel.
1944 Brought to Germany to use her as a training vessel for the German Navy.
In January 1945 was she dry-docked in Flensburg, and during this docking the dock was attacked by Allied planes, the dock was hit and the CHRISTIAN RADICH keeled over, after the war partly sank and mast removed she was refloated, and brought back to Nyland, Norway for rebuilding.
She was rebuild at the Framnæs yard in Sandefjord, the yard on which she was built, but after the war there was a shortage of all materials, that she was not ready again than in the summer of 1947. The repair bill was £70.000.

During 1955/56 was she chartered by the film Director, Louis de Rochemont to use her for the making of the film “Windjammer”. The voyage in which the film was made took her from Oslo via Madeira, Trinidad to New York.

Spring 1963 was she modernized, on the Marinens Hovedverft in Horten, rigging renewed, and a stronger engine fitted in of 480 hp., speed 8 knots on engine.

After 1976 is she mainly a sailing ambassador and sail training ship with various forms of training, and mostly manned by paying guests.
In that year she was also present at the 200th Anniversary of Declaration of Independence of the USA in New York. After the celebration she made a five-week cruise to the Great Lakes.

On her return voyage in the fall of 1976 in the night of 22/23 September in a position 48 North and 16 West did she run in a storm with hurricane fore wind, during this storm she lost eight of her sails.

In the autumn of 1980 was she again by her builder for modernization, parts of her masts were renewed also her rigging. The bill was this time NOK 10 million.

1983 Girls were allowed to take part in the training cruises

She still makes sailing voyages, mostly in European waters, and is used in many Tall Ship regattas, but after 1999 she is available on the charter market as well as with paying trainees.

In the winter of 1999/2000 was she on the Drammen Skipsreparasjon for a large restoration, and again in the winter of 2000/2001 on the same yard, and the restoration cost around NOK 40 million.

She is also fitted out with a new engine, the web-site gives that she is powered by a 900hp Caterpilar, which gives her a speed of 12 knots. Tonnage given as 662 gross, 198 net.
Accommodation for 8 crew and 88 cadets.

Norway 1981 2k20 sg879, scott?
Norway 2005 6.00Kr sg?, scott?
Jersey 2013 88p sg?, scott?
Uganda 1986 3000sh sgMS?, scott509.
Solomon Islands 2015 $40 sgMS?, scott?. In margin. (The vessel on the stamp is the Japanese KAIWO MARU)
Sao Tome et Principe 2016 DB31000
Maldives 2015 MVR20 sg?, scott?
Niger 3300F sgMS?, scott?
Central African Republic 2019 3300 sgMS?, scott?
Maldives 2020 MVR20 sg?, scott? were most of this info comes from give more details on the ship. De Laatste Grote Zeilschepen by O Schäuffelen.
Image (45).jpg
2015 christian radich.jpg
Sao Tome 2016 15517 (2).jpg
Mal4616TallShipsSht (2).jpg
2019 christian radich MS.jpg
2019 Christian Radich Central African Republic.jpg
2020 christan radich (2).jpg

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Re: Christian Radich

Post by aukepalmhof » Wed Aug 26, 2020 11:21 pm

Niger 2020 3300f sgMS?, scott.
Liberia 2020 $300 sg?, scott?
GUINEA 2020 60.000 FG sgMS?, Scott?
Djibouti 2020 in margin of 1000 FD, sgMS?, scott?
2020 christian radich ms.jpg
2020 Christian Radich Tall-Ships.jpg
2020 MERCEDES MS.jpg
2020 Europa---Netherlands.jpg

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