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The Macdhui was built in 1931 by Barclay, Curie and Co., Ltd., at Glasgow, for the New Guinea service of Burns Philp. A vessel of 4,561 tons gross, 2,626 net, she was launched on December 23. Her length was 341 ft. 9 in.; beam 51 ft. 2 in. draft 22 ft. depth 29 ft. 7 in. Oil engines, built by S. G. Kincaid, at Greenock, developed 635 nhp. Her passenger capacity was 167. When war broke out in the Pacific she was used to carry Australian troops, high octane fuel and munitions for the fighting in New Guinea. She evacuated the last women and children from Rabaul before the port fell to the Japanese. The ship was lost on June 17, 1942, when 18 Japanese bombers and nine fighter aircraft attacked Port Moresby where she was unloading. She got away from her mooring and was trying to take evasive action when hit by one of the 56 bombs dropped during the raid. It hit the Macdhui just behind her bridge and ripped through three decks before exploding. She was still reasonably functional but the following day the bombers returned and four of the 68 bombs they dropped scored direct him. The vessel's wreckage still lies half submerged in the harbour of Port Moresby. SG298

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Dear Sir, Just a small correction. The Captain was not killed.
Ken Wright.

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