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Federal Maple

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Federal Maple

Postby shipstamps » Tue Aug 19, 2008 6:16 pm

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The Federal Maple, 75 cents stamp, a cargo-passenger vessel, of 1,000 tons deadweight, was built by Vickers Engineering Ltd., at Montreal, in 1961, and is owned by the West Indies Shipping Corporation, of Port-of-Spain, Trinidad (managers, Furness, Withy and Co. Ltd., Port-of-Spain). Her dimensions are 298 ft. (o.a.) x 51 ft. 6 ins. x 15 ft. 6 ins. Diesel-engined, she can carry 50 cabin and 200 deck passengers, and about 1,500 tons of cargo. Together with her sister ship, Federal Palm, she was a gift from the Canadian Government. She runs between West Indies islands from Trinidad to Jamaica. Antigua SG331, Trinidad and Tobago SG679
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Re: Federal Maple

Postby aukepalmhof » Tue Oct 06, 2009 8:26 pm

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Built by the yard of Canadian Vickers, at Montreal for the Canadian Government.
04 May 1961 launched under the name FEDERAL MAPLE.
Tonnage 3.174 gross, 1.615 net., dim. 298 x 51.8 x 15.7ft. (draught).
Two Fairbanks-Morse diesels, 3.400 bhp. twin screws, service speed 14½ knots.
Cargo capacity 83.000 cub. feet including 18.000 cub. feet reeferspace.
Passenger accommodation for 50 cabin class and 200 dormitory class.
Two self-contained electric cranes capable of handling 3-ton loads, two 5-ton derricks, and a heavy lift derrick of 20 ton.
08 August 1961 handed over to the West Indies Federation, and managed by Furness Withy & Co. at Trinidad.

Sailed the same day for Port of Spain, Trinidad.
She together with the FEDERAL PALM were built for the Canadian Government and designed special for the newly created West Indies Federation, and when delivered by the yards the two ships were given as a gift to the Federation.
The cranes were mostly used in small ports or when she had to load/discharge on an anchorage. And when there was not any shore-based lighterage, she carried two steel scows on her afterdeck that could be used to carry the cargo ashore.
Used between Jamaica and Trinidad and she made also calls at Grenada, St Vincent, Barbados, St Lucia, Dominica, Montserat, Antigua and St Kitts. She made occasionally calls on the British administered Caicos group.
The Federation within a matter of months with her fragile political structure broke apart, and both vessels were transferred to the new created West Indies Shipping Corporation, and were used in the same service.
When the two ships got increasing pressure from inexpensive airlines transportation, and passenger booking declined, while after the collapse of the Federation each island traded more with America or Europe than each other, it was evident in the early 1970’s that one ship had to go, and the FEDERAL PALM was sold. To Nauru.

When smaller vessels got cheaper than the last remaining vessel the FEDERAL MAPLE was laid up in Trinidad waiting for a buyer during 1976.
1980 She still was, laid up at Port of Spain.
Rumors said that she was used in the illegal refuge trade from Cuba, and that she was lost on the coast of Nicaragua.
1997 Deleted from Lloyds Register, with the remark “Continued existence in doubt”.

Barbuda 1973 75c sg114, scott?
St Kitts 1990 $10 sg325, scott307.

Marine News 1980/484. Register of Merchant Ships completed in 1961.
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