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Depicted on the 25c. stamp is the Christmas Island Phosphate Company's and later the British Phosphate Commissioners' ship Islander, built by the Grangemouth Dockyard Company, in 1929. Gross tonnage 1,598; net 760 tons. Length 240 ft., breadth 41 ft. 9 in., depth 14 ft. 9 in. and draft
17 ft. 01/4 in. Her port of registry was Singapore. The stamp unfortunately does not give too clear a picture of the ship being based on an evening photograph. A much better picture of her is shown on a Christmas Island stamp issued in 1972. The vessel's service ended in 1960.SG26

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Re: Islander

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Built under yard no 416 at the Grangemouth Dockyard at Grangemouth, England for the Christmas Island Phosphate Commission.
1929 Launched under the name ISLANDER.
Tonnage 1.598 gross, 760 net, 1.911 dwt. Dim. 255.11 x 41.11 x 14.9 ft.
Powered by two sets triple expansion steam engines, manufactured by Plenty & Son Ltd., Newbury, England. 112 nhp, speed 9 knots, twin screws.
Passenger accommodation for 24 passengers.
Registered at Singapore.

She was used to carry general freight southbound and phosphate northbound

When war broke out in the Far East and Japan advanced to the island, a meeting took place on board of the ISLANDER on 25 Dec. 1941 between the District Officer and senior managers of the Christmas Island Phosphate Co. and the captain and officers to discuss appropriate actions to defend Christmas Island.
It was decided to evacuate the majority of the European staff and their families in Feb. 1942.

After the war the management was taken over by the British Phosphate Company.

She was sold in 1960, and arrived on 03 May 1960 at Hong Kong for breaking up

The ISLANDER depict on the Cocos Island stamps made two times a year a visit to the island for the discharging of general cargo, returned with copra. She made calls at the islands from 1930 until 1950, but I expect during the war years the calls were suspended.

Source; Sea Breeze July 2001, Register of Merchant Ships completed in 1929. Log Book vol 19 page 41. WP vol 40 page 42. Ships on the Australian New Zealand & Island registers.

Christmas Islands 1963 12c sg 17. 1972 8c sg 44. 1992 $1.05 and $1.20 sg 344/45.
Cocos Islands 1976 25c sg 26
1963 ISLANDER Flying-Fish-Cove (2).jpg
1972 Islander--Freighter-1929-1960 (2).jpg
1992 Ferrying-Evacuees-to--Islander--freighter (2).jpg
1992 Departure-of--Islander--freighter (2).jpg
1976 TSS-Islander-1927 (2).jpg

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