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Ernest Argyle

Postby shipstamps » Wed Aug 13, 2008 6:12 pm

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ERNEST W. ARGYLE, sailor, printer and nautical philatelist of International reputation passed away on Friday October 26th 1990.
He wrote his first article on Ships on Stamps for the "Journal of Commerce & Shipping Telegraph" in 1942. Later contributing a weekly article for the "Liverpool Echo". For 24 years he wrote a monthly article for "Sea Breezes" magazine with regular contributions to "Topical Times" (USA) and "Neptunia" (Paris)
Ernest started collecting Ships on Stamps in 1924 when he was Chief Printer on the Liner FRANCONIA. After leaving the sea in 1937 he was employed as Head Reader at the "Liverpool Echo & Daily Post" for 20 years.
A founder member of the Ship Stamp Society being elected President in 1970, a post which he held until 1977 during which time he organised many Exhibitions including two International ones, promoting the Theme of Ships on Stamps. Whilst he was President he also edited the Society magazine "Log Book".
Unfortunately he had to relinquish these two posts finding that the writing of a series of 12 booklets under the title "Ships on Stamps" did not give him time to fulfil his duties to the full, but his interest still remained with the Society offering help and advice to those who requested it.
I met Ernest in 1970 at the First International Exhibition, which was held at Wallasey, and from that day on out friendship grew. Over the years I knew him, he gave most of his time in promoting the Theme of "Ships on Stamps" and our Society in every way he could.
The following quote from an article in "Cheshire Life" magazine says it all
"To call Ernest Argyle a philatelic contributor is rather like describing Lester Piggott as a "horse rider". He is, in his own line one of the worlds leading experts. He is a nautical philatelist, that is to say, a chap who collects and knows about postage stamps with ships on them .... and what he don't know ain't nautical philately".
The world of Philately, albeit Ships on Stamps, has lost a great friend, he will be sadly missed.
Tommy Broadley — Hon Secretary of the Ship Stamp Society — November 1990
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