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Postby shipstamps » Sun Aug 10, 2008 12:28 pm

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The Saturnia, ex-Frances Y Slanger ex Saturnia., A sister ship of the Vulcania, she was built in 1927, for the Cosulich Line of Trieste. Gross ton¬nage was 23,940, net 14,441, and dimensions: 631 ft.4in.x 79 ft. 8 in. x 29 ft. 5 in. on a draft of 29 ft.'/2 in. During the war she became the American hospital ship Frances Y Slanger after being handed over as war reparations. The name was selected in honour of Second Lieutenant Frances V. Slanger, the seventh U.S. nurse to lose her life in the Second World War and the first to be killed in the European war zone. SG1527
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Re: Saturnia

Postby D. v. Nieuwenhuijzen » Wed Feb 04, 2015 7:43 pm

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Built in 1925-'27 by Cant. Nav. Triestino, Monfalcone, #160, for the Consulich Soc. di Nav. Triestina di Nav. Trieste.
Passenger Liner, Gt:23.940, Nt:14.441, L:192,55m. B:24,31m. Draft:8,97m. Burmeister & Wain diesel from builders:20.000 hp. twin screw, 19, max. 21 kn. pass. 1st class:279, 2nd class:257, 3rd class:309 4th class:1352, crew:441.
29-12-1925 launched, 18-10-1927 completed, 21-10 maiden trip Trieste - La Plata ports.
01-02-1928 1st voyage Trieste - New York.
01-1932 The Consulich Line formally became a member of 'Italia', but retained considerable independence until it was absorbed in 'Italia' SAN in January 1937.
08-05- 1935 troop transport to East Africa. 24-12 to Monfalcone for refit. New Sulzer diesel:28.000 hp. 21 kn. Gt:24.470, 08-1936 back in service, 07-1940 laid up at Trieste.
03-1942 chartered to the International Red Cross for evacuation voyages from East Africa. Afterwards laid up at Trieste.
08-10-1943 taken over by the US Navy as troop transport, January 1945 refit commenced as hospital ship FRANCES Y. SLANGER, lasting until June, November released from service as hospital ship. 1946 US Army transport from February until June. Renamed SATURNIA, 01-12-1946 back to 'Italia' SAN. 20-01-1947 first post-war voyage Genoa - New York. Passenger accommodation 1st class:240, cabin class:270, tourist class:860. 1950 Gt:24.346, 08-11-1955 Trieste - New York service, 10-04-1965 laid up at Trieste. 07-10 arrived at La Spezia to be broken up, 04-1966 scrapping commenced by Terrestre Maritima.
(Gibraltar 1954, 3 d. StG.150; Italy 1977, 170 L. StG.1527)
Great Passenger Ships of the World, volume 3.
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