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Flying Christine ll

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Flying Christine ll

Postby shipstamps » Sun Aug 10, 2008 11:01 am

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Flying Christine II which is actually a sea-going ambulance. She was launched on July 6,1964, by Lady Coleman, wife of the island's then Lieutenant Governor. The launch was constructed to replace the Flying Christine which was irreparably damaged during a storm on January 10 the previous year. As a high-speed rescue launch (20 knots), the Flying Christine II is part of the Channel Islands Air/Sea Speed Rescue Service and with her radar, searchlights and flares, is able to assist the Guernsey-based R.N.L.1. life-boat on searches. Design of the hull of the ambulance launch is based on the seaplane tenders used by the RAF, during the last war, but considerably strengthened and with a keel added. Overall length is 42 ft., beam 12 ft., draft 3 ft., and weight approximately 8 tons. The bottom, which is nylon-sheathed up to the waterline, is made of double-diagonal 3/8in. and 1/2in. iroko (teak) planking with an oiled canvas sheet sandwiched between two layers.SG159
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