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1857-1861. A schooner of approximately 75 tons, she first arrived at Port Stanley on July 31, 1854, as the Rachel P. Brown, the name being changed in September 1854. As she had been reputedly an American slaver, this is not surprising. She spent 24 years trading, sealing and salving wrecks between the Falklands and Patagonia, also making several voyages on Government charter carrying mails to and from Montevideo between 1857 and 1861. Her tonnage was reduced over the years from 107 to 70 tons. It took her 71 days to reach Port Stanley from New York, with a call at Montevideo to pick up mail for the colony. She was a tough, seaworthy craft, lasting until 1931, when she was broken up.SG342B

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Re: Fairy

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The stamp of the Falkland Islands depicting the FAIRY is designed after a watercolour painting of John Smith.

She was built in 1836 (Log Book gives 1850) at Baltimore, reputedly as an American slaver under the name RACHEL P. BROWN, and owned by J.H.Snyder of New York, but her first years are not clear, and seem not recorded in the registration books of that time, neither under the name RACHEL P. BROWN or FAIRY.
She reached the Falkland Islands on 31 July 1854 after a passage of 71 days from New York, via Montevideo, after she was bought by the Falkland Island Co.
September 1854 was she renamed in FAIRY. Her tonnage then given as 75 ton.
Schooner rigged.
The FAIRY was used for sealing and trading between the Falklands and Patagonia

05 January 1857 a new mail contract was signed by the at that time Governor Moore and the Falkland Island Co., to carry the mail between the Falklands and Montevideo, and the company used for this contract her ships VICTORIA or FAIRY.
19 January 1857 the first sailing of this new contract took place, not given which ship was used.

December 1858 she left the Falklands for a voyage to England, and made the return voyage from Plymouth to the Falklands in an incredible forty-nine days.

1861 A dispute ended the mail contract between the Falkland Island Government and the Falkland Island Co.
The FAIRY was sold to Capt. Laws, where after she was used in the inter-island trade.
1868 Sold to two colonialists W. Bertrand and J.Switzer who had settled in the West Falklands.

1870 Was she bought back by the Falkland Island Co.

16 October 1874 she landed at Port Stanley the rescued crews of the British barques ADMIRAL FITZROY and MOSS TROOPER after they both had gone on fire off Cape Horn.

She had a long life she was broken up in 1931.

Source: Watercraft Philately Vol. 24 page 62. Log Book Vol. 12 page 70.
Falkland Islands 1978 25p sg342b, scott? 1982 25p sg 432 scott?. (the difference is that the 1982 set has the inscription 1982) 1982 25p sg 432, scott?
1982 falkland mail ship set (2).jpg
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