The Greek bireme was an oared warship with two rows of oars on each side. It was a revolutionary invention by (possibly the Biotian Greeks since the Trojan War or more probable their settlers, the Erythraeans in Asia Minor in the 8th century B.C.) which doubled the motion force of the ship without increasing its length. This was an important advantage in pirate persecutions and in the ramming of opponents. She was fitted out with a bow ram
Steering was achieved with the two big oars. Place on both sides near the stern. Complementarily, it had a large square sail with many pulleys for its unencumbered handling. During fighting the sail was furled. It usually had 100 oars ("ekatontoros"). Its dimensions reached length 32 and beam 4.80 metres respectively.
Sometimes it had a deck for the protection of the oarsmen and the facile transport of the warriors.

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Vietnam 1986 1d sg988, scott 1686.


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Tanker built 1951 Harland & Wolff for Skibs A/S Dalfon, Stavanger. Second of name. 1644Gt 9769Nt L623’4” B78’6” Dwt24636 summer. Harland & Wolff diesel 2SA 7-cyl 13.5kn. Sold 1965 to S Latsis, Piraeus renamed MATARITA ll. 1975 renamed PETROLA XXlV. 1976 renamed PETROLA 34. Broken up 1984. Norway SG504 (LB 2/68.8/167 14/134 EWA Vol7 p58 SB 1/61)
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