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Europa (Swedish America)

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Europa (Swedish America)

Postby shipstamps » Wed Jul 09, 2008 2:30 pm

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This $1.00 stamp is the Europa, formerly the Kungsholm, built in 1953, by De Schelde N.V., at Flushing, for the Swedish American Line's North Atlantic service between Gothenburg and New York and for cruising during the winter months. A fine-looking ship with her raked stem, cruiser stern and two masts and funnels, her forward funnel is a dummy, which houses a large grille for interior ventilation. She was launched by Princess Sibylla of Sweden on April 18, 1952. Towards the end of 1965 she was bought by the Norddeutscher Lloyd, of Bremen, and renamed Europa. Gross tonnage 21,514; net 11,484, length 600 ft.; beam 77 ft. 1 in.; draft 26 ft. 3 in.; depth 48 ft. 11 in. She was strengthened for navigation in ice. When acquired by the N.D.L. she was sent to Bremerhaven for reconditioning, her hull being repainted black.
The stamp of St. Vincent shows her with a white hull, with a band running the whole length. Main machinery consists of two Burmeister and Wain oil engines, two-stroke single-acting, each, of eight cylinders, 750 mm. diameter, 1600 mm. length of stroke. Since the merger of the Norddeutscher Lloyd and Hamburg-Amerika Lines, the Europa has been owned by the new company Hapag-Lloyd A.G. SG390
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Re: Europa (Swedish America)

Postby aukepalmhof » Fri Jun 07, 2013 4:06 am

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Built as a passenger vessel under yard No 273 by Koninklijke Maatschappij ‘De Schelde’ at Vlissingen (Flushing), Netherlands for the Svenska Amerika Linjen, Götenborg, Sweden.
April 1950 ordered.
18 October 1952 launched under the name KUNGSHOLM (III), launching ceremony was performed by Princess Sybilla of Sweden.
Tonnage 21.514 grt, 11.484 net, 4.201 dwt., dim. 182.89 x 23.50 x 13.65m.
Powered by a two 8-cyl B&W diesel engines, 14.000 shp., speed during trials 21.2 knots.
Passenger accommodation for 176 first class, 626 second class, crew 418.
September 1953 trials, and after a dry-docking in it Prince Bernard Dock, by the Rotterdamse Droogdok Maatschappij was she deliver on 06 October 1953 to her owners.

09 October 1953 she left from Vlissingen for Göteborg.
24 November 1953 she left for her maiden voyage from Göteborg to New York.
06 February 1954 she made her first cruise from New York for a voyage around South America in 55 days.
January 1955 she left New York for her first round the world cruise, during this cruise she called at 21 ports during her 97 day voyage.
21 August 1965 she left for her last voyage under Swedish flag from Götenborg and via Copenhagen she sailed to New York.

16 October 1965 delivered to her new owners the Nord Deutsche Lloyd (NDL), Bremen, renamed in EUROPA.
09 January 1966 she left Bremen for her first voyage in the liner service of her new owners to Halifax and New York.
Passenger accommodation for 122 first class and 721 second class.
During the winter season many cruises were made from the U.S.A. to South America and Caribbean, while during the summer months she was back in the North Atlantic service between Europe and North America.
25 August 1970 she made her last voyage in the liner service, when she left from Bremen and via Southampton, Cherbourg to New York.
Thereafter only used in the cruise trade.

01 September 1970 the two German shipping companies NDL and the HAPAG merged, and the EUROPA was transferred to this new company Hapag-Lloyd A.G., Bremen.

October 1981 sold to Independent Continental Lines Ltd. (Costa Armatori SpA, Genua), Panama and renamed in COLUMBUS C.
18 December 1981 she left for her first sailing for the new owners from Buenos Aires, thereafter she made mostly cruises in European waters.

29 July 1984 while entering the port Cadiz at Spain she was blown off course by strong winds and struck with the Levante breakwater, which caused a large tear in her hull.
Tugs pulled her alongside a jetty where her 620 passengers were safely evacuated.
Her engine room then flooded, given her a list over starboard, settling her against the quay, where after she settled on the harbour bottom.

14 September 1984 declared a constructive total loss; she was insured on the Italian market for US$7.8 million.
02 November 1984 refloated by Smit Tak Internationale, Rotterdam and sold for US$844.000 to Mirak S.A. at Barcelona.
April 1985 towed to Barcelona for scrapping.

Source: Blauwe Wimpel. North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P Bonsor. Modern Shipping Disasters 1963-1987 by Norman Hooke.
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Re: Europa (Swedish America)

Postby Arturo » Mon Mar 16, 2015 10:39 pm

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