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Emile Bertin

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Emile Bertin

Postby shipstamps » Mon Jul 07, 2008 2:53 pm

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This stamp was issued to benefit the "Oeuvres da la Marine," a charity with it's headquar¬ters at 54, Avenue Foch, Paris 16, which exists to help distressed families of soldiers, sail¬ors and merchant seamen.
The design, engraved by Maelin, shows the cruiser "Emile Bertin," flying the flag of Ad¬miral Lemonnier, Chef d'etat-major of marine, commanding the French Fleet based on Provence, followed by the battleship "Lorraine".
Emile Bertin was built at Penhoet, St Nazaire, on May 9th, 1933. Her displacement is 5,886 tons and she has a peace-time complement of 567. Her dimensions are length 548 ft., beam 51 3/4ft., draught 17 3/4ft. She was the first French naval ship to have triple-mounted guns, which can clearly be seen on the stamp. Her speed is 37 knots. Main armament is nine 6in. Guns, eight 3.5in. A.A.
The battleship "Lorraine" was one of the oldest vessels in the French Navy, being built at the St. Nazaire yards during the 1914-18 war. She was launched before the war, in 1913, but was not completed until 1916 and cost £2,642,439. The battleship was completely modernised in the 1920's. Her length was 544ft., beam 88.6 ft, and depth 32ft., and she carried a crew of 1,174 men.
Her armament consisted of ten 13.4in., eighteen 5.5in., four 14-pounders and eight smaller guns, and she was fitted with four 18in., torpedo tubes. Gross tonnage was 23,128 and her speed was 20 knots.
The vessel is now broken up and the name has been given to a destroyer taken over from Germany as reparations. SG965
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Re: Emile Bertin

Postby aukepalmhof » Sun Dec 15, 2019 7:31 pm

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She is also on Tunesian stamp 1947 10 + 15f stamp, sg 300.
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