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Cygnet ,made the first recorded landing on Christmas Island by a party sent by William Dampier in the year 1688. Dampier describes the landing in his book "A New Voyage Round the World": March 12, 1688, we sailed from New Holland with the wind at N.N.W. March 28, we fell in with a small woody island in 12.D, 12.M." (This corresponds roughly with Christmas Island). "It was deep-water about the island and therefore no anchoring; but we sent two canoes ashore; one of them with the carpenters, to cut trees to make another pump; the other canoe went to search for fresh water, and found a small brook near the S.W. point of the island, but there the sea fell in on the shore so high, that they could not get it off. At noon both our canoes returned aboard and the carpenters brought aboard a good tree, which they afterwards made a pump." The only information about the Cygnet is that she belonged to London and was commanded at different times by Capt. Swan and Cant. John Read. SG49

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Christmas Island 1972 30c sg 49

More info on: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=17081&p=20281&hilit=cygnet#p20281
1972 cygnet.jpg

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