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Redpole HMS

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Redpole HMS

Postby shipstamps » Sun Jul 06, 2008 3:52 pm

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H.M.S. Redpole visited the island in 1890, landing a passenger, Mr. H. N. Ridley, of the Singapore Botanical Gardens. He collected a number of hitherto unrecorded plants. The Redpole was a gunboat (1st Class), one of half-a-dozen sister-ships all named after birds. She had a composite hull, displacement was 805 tons, length 165 ft., beam 31 ft. and draft 11 ft. 7 in. She was completed at Pembroke Dock on June 13, 1889. Engines were by Earle, of 1,200 i.h.p. Armed with six 4 in. and four machine guns, her speed was 13 knots. On May 15, 1906, she was sold for breaking up, to Cox, of Falmouth. SG38
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Re: Redpole HMS

Postby aukepalmhof » Sun Jun 13, 2021 9:30 pm

1972 Redpole--gunboat-1890 (2).jpg
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She was a composite-built screw gunboat one of the Redbreast class. Built by the Pembroke Dockyard at Pembroke.
13 June 1889 launched as HMS REDPOLE.
Tonnage 805 tons, dim. 165 x 31 x 11.7½ft. (draught).
One shaft and a triple expansion steam engine 1.200 hp, speed 13 knots. Bunker capacity 105-ton coal.
Armament 6 – 4inch guns O.F. and 2 – 3pdrs.
Complement 76.

She landed in 1890 at a scientific party headed by Mr. Ridly of Singapore Botanist Garden at Christmas Island.
1900 During the Boxer Rebellion in China she was there, one of her ordinary seamen H.G.Cousing was awarded a China War Medal, but my search for what did happen there, and when she was there did give a blank, also a search for the name of the seaman did not give much information.

15 May 1906 sold to Cox at Falmouth.

Source: Send a Gunboat by Antony Preston & John Major. Some websites.
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