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Eclair HMS

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Eclair HMS

Postby shipstamps » Sun Jul 06, 2008 2:46 pm

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Commanded by Lieutenant Carr, was convoying the Post Office Packet to the northward of Tortola when a strange sail was sighted and she gave chase. It proved to be a French privateer from Guadeloupe, the Grande Decide, mounting 22 9 pdr. guns and carrying 230 men. The two ships hammered away at each other for some time but the French ship got away when the Eclair tried to board her. The Eclair was a schooner of 12 guns; she was a prize captured by Garland from the French on January 18, 1801, at Guadeloupe. Of 145 tons (builders' measurement), her guns were 12 pdrs. Renamed Pickle in May 1809, she was sold on June 11, 1818. SG247
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