Queen Elizabeth 1940

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Queen Elizabeth 1940

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Builder: John Brown & Co Ltd, Clydebank, Glasgow, Scotland.
Completed: February 1940.
Gross tonnage: 82,998.
Dimensions: 1031ft x 119ft. Depth 74ft.
Engines: Sixteen steam turbines single-reduc­tion geared.
Screws: Quadruple.
Watertight bulkheads: Fifteen. Decks: Ten.
Normal speed : 29 knots.
Officers and crew: 1296.
Passenger accommodation: 882 first, 668
cabin and 798 tourist class.
Maiden voyage: Southampton—New York on October 16, 1946.
The Queen Elizabeth was the largest ship in the world and had a promenade deck 724ft long. Her forward funnel is 71ft high and each pro­peller weighs 32 tons, and anchors of 16 tons. Employed in the Southampton—Cherbourg—New York run with a call at Plymouth eastbound and some cruising. She was fitted with twin stabilisers in March 1955. Operating at a loss during the late 'sixties the Cunard Line duly decided to sell the Queen Elizabeth to the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and the contract was enacted on April 5, 1968.
 The Elizabeth left berth number 107 at Southampton on her last voyage for her new home in Florida on November 29, 1968. She was then converted, like her running mate the Queen Mary, into an hotel and nightclub.
 Throughout her career she made 907 Atlantic crossings ; covered over 3,470,000 miles and carried more than2,300,000 passengers excluding her war service. Affirmed the largest ship the world had ever seen she lacked the graceful lines of the lesser sized liners. Since her sale to the city of Fort Lauderdale she has not proven a success and has been making some trips under the name of Seawise University, after her sale to Mr C. Y. Tung in 1970 as a floating University. On January 9, 1972, fire broke out while she was being renovated in Hong Kong. The vessel was engulfed by flames and capsized at noon the following day.
Note: The Queen Elizabeth was secretly crossed to New York from the Clyde on February 27, 1940 to be fitted out as a transport with accommodation for almost 20,000 armed men. Decomissioned on March 6, 1946, after having steamed 492,635 miles and carrying 811,324 service personnel. Overhauled at John Brown's after the war.

 Asc SG380, Bahamas SG252/277. GB SG1393, Tristan da Cunha SG261.Sierra Leone SG2635.St Vin SG1228
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Re: Queen Elizabeth (Cunard Line)

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Another stamp:
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Re: Queen Elizabeth 1940

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Central African Republic 2013 MS and 750Fr.( What are it stamps of a lables?)
Great Britain 2013 £1.28 sg?, scott?
Malagasy 1998 3500 fmg sg?, scott
Senegal 1999 1000f sg?, scott? (in margin of MS)
1998 Malagasy.JPG
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Re: Queen Elizabeth 1940

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Queen Elizabeth 1940

Lesotho 1999, S.G.?, Scott: 1214b.
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