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Argo (Jason)

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Argo (Jason)

Postby shipstamps » Fri Jun 27, 2008 3:37 pm

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Jason, the Minyan, sailed from Jolkos, nowadays Velos, the port of Thessaly, to explore the Unfriendly Sea.He sailed in the ship "Argo", the first to carry 50 men. Jason was the rightful heir to the Minyan Principality, but Pelias, his uncle who had usurped the throne urged him, when he came to manhood, to prove himself by a quest. The voyage was by way of Lemnos, up the Hellespont, past the city of troy with it's fortress and through the Black sea, known as the Unfriendly Sea, to kolchis, the home of the Golden fleece. Modern historians believe this treasure has a factual basis around which the legend has grown. A primitive form of gold dredging existed in the region where greased fleeces were moored at points where a gold bearing strem ran. The gold deposits adhered to the fleece. These deposits were stored and then became the treasure of the golden fleece. After stealing the treasure Jason and his men took an indirect course home to avoid capture and were the first Greeks to sail round the partially frozen Black Sea. The vessel shown on the stamp was inspired by designs on vases made before the 5th century BC. Greece SG783
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