Davisian (T&J Harrison)

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Davisian (T&J Harrison)

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Launched 16th January 1923 by D&W Henderson & Co, Glasgow for Frederick Leyland & Co.
Acquired by T & J Harrison on 16th Jan 1934 for £27,503.
10th July 1940 she was attacked by the German commerce raider WIDDER about 140 miles, 047 degrees from Barbados North Point, and sank.
She was on passage from London and Cardiff for the West Indies with general cargo and patent fuel. Six men were injured, at least two seriously, one of whom died 17 days later. (A lot more very interesting detail is contained in “Harrisons of Liverpool” by Graeme Cubbin.)

DAVISIAN. Source: Duncan Haws (Merchant Fleets in Profile)) See Log Book Volume 32. Number 6. Pagel27. General Cargo. Leyland Line, Liverpool. D & W Henderson, Glasgow. Mgrs. Delivered on 02-1923 to Frederick Leyland. 6433Gt. 4985Nt. 9480Dwt. Length 400.5'. Beam 52.5'. Draught 35'/ 29.2°. Quadruple expansion engine. 526nhp.1 screw.10 kn. 2 holds + shelterdeck. She was built for the carriage of cotton from westcoast US to Liverpool. On 01 - 1934 sold to Thos. & Jas. Harrison, Liverpool. On July 10, 1940, 420 miles east of Bermuda, she was captured by the German raider WIDDER, 'Schiff 21 '(ex NEUMARK, Hamburg America Line) and sunk. One killed. Nine crew members were taken prisoner, including five injured. The forty survivors reached Guadeloupe after four days in open boats. LRS 1938/39. Charente SS Co.Ltd., Liverpool T & J Harrison, managers. 414.6' pp. 37'6" D. 626nhp.
PS: I think Mister Haws is wrong with regard to the position of sinking. From
420 sm East from Bermuda to Guadeloupe is about 1130 sea miles. The Gulf stream runs NE-wards.From 420 sm East from Barbados to Guadeloupe is about 600 sea miles. The South Equatorial Current runs WNW-wards. 600 sm in four days in open boats with current from astern is reliable, 1130 sm with current from ahead is not.
Log Book April 2004 Letters to editor

Stamp issue: Barbados 1995. 2.50. SGIO51.

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