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Scot (Union Castle)

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Scot (Union Castle)

Postby shipstamps » Sun Jun 22, 2008 11:58 am

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As far as I know, there has not been a postage stamp issued showing RMS Scot. However, South Africa issued a set of stamps on 5th December 2007 showing Union Castle Vessels. They also issued a commemorative cover showing RMS Scot.
Of all the steamships built before the Union-Castle amalgamation, the Scot stands out as the most famous. She was built on the Clyde and launched in 1890.
In 1893 the Scot had established a record time of 14days, 8 hours and 57 minutes for the passage from England to Capetown. The record stood until 1936 when the Stirling Castle reuced it to 13 days 9 hours.
In outward appearance her clipper bow, tall funnels and graceful lined easily made her one of the most handsome vessels afloat and she was described as "Albatross of the South". Because of her reputation for speed, the Scot was a good advert for the Union Line. However she proved to be a terrific coal eater and expensive to operate and she was sold within a few years of the amalgamation of the Union and Castle lines.
After changing owners a few times, she ended her days in 1927 at the shipbreaker's yard.
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Re: Scot (Union Castle)

Postby aukepalmhof » Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:39 am

The vessel depict on the First Day cover of South Africa issued in 5 December 2007 is the SCOT, she did not appears before on a stamp.

She was built as a passenger vessel under yard No 443 by William Denny & Bros, Dumbarton, Scotland for Union Steamship Co. Ltd, Southampton.
30 December 1890 launched under the name SCOT, launching ceremony was performed by Miss Giles, daughter of the Chairman of the company.
Tonnage 6.844 gross, 4.278 net, dim. 152.4 x 16.66 x 7.9m. Length bpp. 145.39m.
Powered by two 3-cyl triple expansion steam engines, manufactured by builders, 1.440 nhp., twin screws, speed 18 knots.
Bunker capacity 3.000 tons coal, bunker consumption per day 170 tons.
Passenger accommodation 208 first, 100 second and 100 third class.
Carried a figurehead of the Scottish hero Sir William Wallace, and her stern carried the arms of Scotland and England.
May 1891 completed.

Built for the South Africa service.
25 July 1891 left Southampton for her maiden voyage via Madeira to Cape Town; she made the passage in the record time of 15 days 9 hours and 52 minutes.
But due to her extreme bunker consumption was she not so economical.
March 1893 she made a record voyage in 14 days 18 hours and 57 minutes, which not was broken until 1936.
At the Annual General Meeting in 1893 the Chairman reported that after making 8 voyages, the ship had lost £5.500.

At 1896 was she lengthened with a mid-section at Harland & Wolff by 16.46 meter, tonnage increased to 7.859 gross ton.
Passenger accommodation altered to 400 first, and 25 second class passengers.

June 1897 the South African Diamond King and millionaire Barney Barnatto committed suicide by jumping overboard.
1899 During the Boer War in South Africa used as troopship, returned after the war to Union-Castle ownership.
1900 Transferred to the Union-Castle Mail SS Co., Southampton.
September 1905 Sold to Hamburg Amerika Linie, Hamburg, renamed OCEANA. First used for cruising between Naples to Alexandria.
08 June 1906 made her first Atlantic crossing from Hamburg to New York.
25 December 1910 she left for the last time from Hamburg, altogether between 1906 and 1910 she made 7.5 round voyages between Hamburg and New York.

1911 Sold to the Bermuda Atlantic SS Co., Ltd., Toronto, not renamed and used in a service between New York and Bermuda.
1912 Arrested at New York and laid up in the Hudson River
1915 Sold to Morse Dry Dock & Repair Co. New York. (Most probably she was arrested by this yard for unpaid bills.)
The same year sold to Cia. Trasatlantica, Cadiz, Spain renamed ALFONSO XIII. Used in the service between Spain and New York and Spain to Cuba.
1923 renamed by owners VASCO NUÑEZ DE BILBAO.
Till 1925 used in this service, then laid up at Cadiz.
1927 Sold to Italy for breaking up, arrived La Spezia on 06 July 1927.

Source: Register of Merchant Ships completed in 1891. Merchant Fleets in Profile Volume 3 by Haws. North Atlantic Seaways Vol. 1 by Bonsor
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