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Windsor Castle (2) (Union Castle)

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Windsor Castle (2) (Union Castle)

Postby shipstamps » Sun Jun 22, 2008 11:39 am

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Windsor castle (2), the sister ship to the Arundel Castle (4), was laid down in 1919, but not launched until 1921. She was built by John Brown and Co., of Glasgow and she was launched on the 9th March, 1921.
Her maiden arrival at Capetown was on 9th May 1922. In March 1937 she was sent to Harland and Wolff of Belfast for a refit, identical to that of her sister Arundel Castle. In September 1939 she was requisitioned by the Ministry of Shipping for use as a troopship.
On 23rd March 1943, whilst on convoy 110 miles northwest of Algiers, she was torpedoed and sunk by German aircraft with the loss of one life.

Note: The stamp illustrated was issued on 5th December 2007. The South African Philatelic Bureau, when describing the stamp issue, have described the WRONG Windsor Castle. The description above is the correct one.

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Re: Windsor Castle (2) (Union Castle)

Postby D. v. Nieuwenhuijzen » Wed Jul 29, 2015 6:21 pm

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Built in 1919-'22 by John Brown & Co., Clydebank, #456c, for the Union Castle Line.
Passenger ship, Gt:18.967, Nt:11.295, L:192,76m. B:22,10m. D:12,68m. 2x3 steam turbines:14.500 hp. 16 kn. pass. 1st class:243, 2nd class:360, 3rd class:275, 73.855 cft freezing rooms.
The construction order was already placed in 1913.
On 09-05-'22 she arrived at her first trip in Cape Town.
'37 converted at Harland & Wolff, Belfast, new stem, L:201,56m. 2 chimneys were removed, new oil-fired boilers, new turbine:24.000 hp. 19 kn. pass. 1st class:219, 2nd class:167, touristclass:194, 04-'38 back in service.
09-'39 trooptransporter, 03-11-'41 damaged in an air raid, 400 miles west of Ireland, one bomb of 500 pounds ended up in the smoking room of the 1st class but did not exploded, the bomb was packed with sandbags and dismantled in the port of arrival.
On 23-03-'43 sank after a torpedo attack, 110 miles northwest of Algiers, with 2699 troops and 290 crew members on board, 1 dead.
(South Africa 2007, StG.?)
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