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Transvaal Castle (Union Castle)

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Transvaal Castle (Union Castle)

Postby shipstamps » Thu Jun 19, 2008 6:07 pm

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Transvaal Castle had the dubious distinction of being the last passenger mailship built for the Union-Castle Line. She was built by John Brown and Company of Clydebank and was launched on the 17th January 1961. She was the first Union-Castle liner to carry tourist passengers only and on 1st February 1962 made her maiden voyage to Capetown.
On the 1st January 1966 she was sold along with the Pretoria Castle , to the South African Marine Corporation Ltd., and renamed S.A. Vaal. She continued on the mail run until the 10th October 1977, when she made her last arrival at Southampton.
She was sold to Festivale Maritime, part of carnival Cruise Lines of Mi¬ami and renamed Festivale. On the 29th October 1977 she left South¬ampton for Kawasaki Heavy Industries Limited yard in Japan, where she was converted into a cruise ship.
In May 1996 she was renamed Island Breeze and chartered to Dolphin Cruise Lines. Dolphin Cruise Lines was taken over by Premiere Cruises in 1997 and Island Breeze was renamed Big Red Boat 111. At the end of 2000 Premiere cruises got into financial difficulties and it's ships were arrested.
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