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Stirling Castle (Union Castle)

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Stirling Castle (Union Castle)

Postby shipstamps » Thu Jun 19, 2008 5:56 pm

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Stirling Castle (2) was the first mailship built to carry only two passenger classes. She was built by Harland and Wolff of Belfast and was launched on the 15th August 1935. Her maiden arri¬val at Capetown was on the 23rd February 1936. On a later passage in 1936 she broke the fastest time to and from the Cape, which had been held by the Union Castle Line's SCOT for 43 years.
On 19th October 1940 she was requisitioned and converted into a troopship. She remained as a troopship throughout the Second World War and was not demobilised until 17th January 1947.
She was sent to her builders for a refit before returning to the Cape Mail Route. She remained on this route until 1965. She was sold for breaking up and on 3rd march 1966 arrived at Mihara, Japan for that purpose.
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Re: Stirling Castle (Union Castle)

Postby aukepalmhof » Fri May 16, 2014 9:28 pm

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Built as passenger/cargo vessel under yard No. 941 by Harland & Wolff, Belfast for the Union-Castle Mail Steam Co. Ltd.
15 August 1935 launched under the name STIRLING CASTLE, named after a castle in Scotland, christening ceremony was performed by Mrs. Robertson Gibb, the wife of the Chairman of the company.
Tonnage 25.550 grt, 15.687 net, 15.421 dwt., dim. 221.0 x 25.15m., length bpp. 212.14m.
Powered by two B&W oil engines, 24.000 bhp., twin screws, speed 20 knots.
Passenger accommodation for 297 first and 492 cabin passengers.

07 February 1936 sailed for her maiden voyage from Southampton bound for Cape Town, South Africa, where she arrived 15 days and 15 hours later.
In August of 1936 she beat the record set by the SCOTT in 1893; she made the passage Southampton – Cape Town in 13 days and 9 hour.
1940 Requisitioned as troopship with a capacity of 6.000 troops.
Made troop voyages to South Africa, Egypt, Australia and North America, she had almost a trouble free war service, steaming around 500.000 miles and carrying 120.000 troops.
1946 She was handed back to owners.
After a refit by the builder yard, she resumed service in the liner service in 1947, between Southampton and South Africa.
Passenger accommodation altered to 245 first and 540 tourist class.

1966 Sold for scrap for £360.00 to Japan.
01 February 1966 she left Southampton for the last time for Japan, where she arrived Mihara, Japan on 03 March 1966, and was broken up by Nichimen KK.

Source: Merchant Fleets in profile vol. 3 by Duncan Haws.

Tristan da Cunha 2013 £1.10 sg ?, scott? (by the stamp is given.)

The £1.10p stamp shows the MV STIRLING CASTLE. Once safely evacuated from Tristan, the islanders were taken to Cape Town, where they embarked on the MV STIRLING CASTLE and departed for England on 21st October 1961.
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