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Princess Alice II (1906)

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Princess Alice II (1906)

Postby shipstamps » Fri Mar 27, 2009 1:51 pm

mc 378.jpg
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Prince Albert succeeded to the throne of Monaco in 1889, and for the first three years of his reign devoted his attention entirely to the affairs of the Principality, and it was not until 1892 that he once again was able to turn his attention to the practical operations connected with oceanography. The first of the three yachts built for him and specially fitted out for research work was the Princess Alice, a 333-h.p. auxiliary vessel of 550 tons, completed in 1891. He used this vessel for seven years, and her name was given to a very extensive shoal lying S.W. of Fayal, the Princess Alice Bank, discovered on one of her operations. She was fully fitted with steam appliances.
Encouraged by the results of research in the Princess Alice, the Prince ordered an even more powerful yacht from the yard of Messrs. Laird Brothers, Birkenhead; this was the Princess Alice II She was a steel auxiliary schooner of 1,368 gross tons. Her length was 245 ft., beam 35 ft., and depth 9.7 ft. She had two boilers and her engines developed 116 n.h.p. Her sails were made by Ratsey and Lapthom. The Princess Alice II was launched November 27, 1897, and was supplied with the most complete equipment then obtainable for oceanographical work.
The Princess Alice II achieved world-wide publicity in 1902 when she rescued the famous Brazilian aviator Santos Dumont from the waters of the Mediterranean. Santos Dumont had been experimenting with his airship Santos Dumont 6 on Friday, February 14, 1902, when she appeared to fly into what would now be called an air pocket. The airship pitched violently, tilted, dislodged her rudder and engine and collapsed into the sea. Dumont was picked up when the water was up to his neck as the basket of the dirigible became waterlogged. The photographer on the yacht took a complete camera recording of the accident, and from his pictures, and the wreckage of the airship which the Princess Alice II towed back to Monaco, it was possible to reconstruct the accident.
The 5f. stamp shows the Princess Alice II off Spitzbergen during a cruise in 1906-07 in which the Arctic seas North at Spitzbergen were explored.
Sea Breezes April 1949.
Monaco SG378, 1305, 1307, 1313.
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Re: Princesse Alice II (1906)

Postby aukepalmhof » Thu Oct 08, 2009 8:23 pm

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princesse alice ll.jpeg
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Monaco issued a new stamp for the Centenary of the Arctic campaigns of Prince Albert I on 10 April 2006, the info from the Monaco Post gives.

The scientific Campaigns of Prince Albert I of Monaco are one hundred years old. Following in his great grandfather’s footsteps who had discovered some lands and established international oceanography, H.S.H. the Prince AlbertII went to Spitzbergen (2005) and to the North Pole (2006) to see and denounce the environmental problems of this area, yet seemingly protected, which poses the problem of the future of the earth and Humanity. Following His father, the Prince Rainier III, the Sovereign Prince is particularly keen on Environment’s protection.

The stamp depicts the expedition vessel PRINCESSE ALICE II that was used during this expedition in 1906.

Built as a steel steam-yacht yard 632 by Laird Bros, Birkenhead for Prince Albert I of Monaco.
27 November 1897 launched under the name PRINCESSE ALICE II.
Tonnage 1.368 gross, dim. 245 x 34.8 x 18.2ft draught 9.7ft.
Auxiliary triple expansion 3-cyl steam engine of 116 nhp. (1.170 ihp), speed 13½ knots.
Ice strengthened, and fitted out with the most up to date oceanographic equipment.

Prince Albert I was most interested in oceanography and marine biology. When he was 18 years old he joined the Spanish navy as a midshipman, in 1868 he joined the French navy. Took part in the French-Prussian war in 1870. When peace arrived he bought his first yacht the PLEIAD and renamed her in HIRONDELLE I.
1891 He replaced this yacht by the PRINCESSE ALICE I and in 1897 by the PRINCESSE ALICE II

After completing was she used by him for his oceanographic voyages, he went several times to the Arctic waters and visited Svalbard, Jan Mayen and Spitsbergen.

14 Feb. 1902, saved the life of the Brazilian pilot Alberto Santos Dumont, when he was plucked out of the waters of the Mediterranean.

1913 Sold to N. Pemberton Billing at England.
1914 Already sold to Lord Inverclyde, renamed BERYL.
Hired by the Royal Navy 11 Jan. 1915 till 15 March 1919, got an armament in that time of 1 – 3 inch and 1 – 12pdr gun.
1921 Sold to the Commercial Cable Co., U.K. renamed in GEORGE WARD, rebuild in a cable-layer by Barclay Curle at Govan. Got a new bow and cabletanks for 10.000 cubic feet of cable.
Used by the company for repair on the Atlantic cables.
Tonnage 1.608 gross, dim. 251 x 34.8 x 18.7ft., homeport Plymouth.
1925 Sold to A.Gatti, Italy, renamed ARDITA II.
1927 Sold to Tito Campanella Soc. Di Nav., Italy renamed ALICE.
1930 Sold to S.A. Nav. Aerea, Italy, not renamed.
1933 Sold to A.A.Ballilla Longo, Italy, not renamed.
Reported missing on 8 September 1943 off Toulon.

Monaco 2006 1.60 Euro sg?, scott?
Monaco 1994 2f80 sg2189, scott1904.
Monaco 1966 1f sg861, scott641.(the vessel on the right of the stamp)
TAAF 2012 sg? (She is indeed as given by Mr htholman the PRINCESSE ALICE (1) the stamp shows a three masted ship, the 1 has three masts while the two has only 2 masts.)
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Re: Princesse Alice II (1906)

Postby aukepalmhof » Sat Nov 27, 2010 3:04 am

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This stamp depicts in the background on the right of the stamp the expedition vessel PRINCESSE ALICE (II) in the Arctic waters, with in the foreground a tracked snow mobile, and King Albert I.

Monaco 1982 1f60 sg1598, scott?

Source: Navicula.
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Re: Princess Alice II (1906)

Postby Arturo » Mon Feb 16, 2015 9:55 pm

Princesse Alice II.jpg
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Princess Alice II (1906)

Monaco 1960, S.G.?, Scott: 453.
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Re: Princess Alice II (1906)

Postby htholman » Fri Oct 09, 2015 5:17 pm

The souvenir sheet for the joint Monaco / Antarctic Territory issue appears to show the three-masted Princess Alice (I) and not the Princess Alice II. However the Princess Alice (I) is not known to have sailed in Antarctic waters.
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Re: Princesse Alice II (1906)

Postby aukepalmhof » Sat Jan 23, 2016 7:21 pm

2015 Monacophil-.png
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Prince Albert I (1848-1922) had a thirst for travel and science from an early age, and embarked upon his first campaigns in the Mediterranean and Atlantic from 1885 onwards. As early as 1906, he was in the vanguard of efforts to protect the environment, exploring previously unknown areas of Spitsbergen. His four Arctic expeditions resulted in the publication of extremely detailed maps of Spitsbergen, which are still in use today. To commemorate Prince Albert I's expeditions, MonacoPhil 2015 devotes a collective exhibition to polar philately.
The vessel depict is the PRINCESSE ALICE (II)

Monaco 2015 2x 2.50 Euro sgMS/, scott? ... ct_id=1259
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