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Postby aukepalmhof » Fri Apr 17, 2009 9:08 pm

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She was built as a wooden three-decker First Rate ship-of-the-line at the Portsmouth Drydock for the Royal Navy.
03 April 1854 ordered, and named on 06 Jan. 1855 before her keel was laid down.
01 April 1856 Laid down.
12 November 1859 launched as HMS VICTORIA. One sister the HMS HOWE, the class was designed by Isaac Watts.
Displacement 6.959 tons (bm), 4.127 tons (bm), dim. 260.0 x 60 x 25.10ft. Draught 25.9ft aft.
Powered by one 2-cyl. expansion steam engine, 4.403 ihp, manufactured by Maudslay, Sons & Fields, speed 11.8 knots, single screw.
Armament: Lower deck 32 – 8 inch, tweendeck 30 – 8 inch, upper deck 32 – 32pdrs. quarter deck and fo’c’sle 26 – 32 pdr. 1 – 68 pdr.
Crew 1.000.
20 April 1860 commissioned. Building cost £150.578.

The last wooden three-decker built for the Royal Navy.
After commissioned joined the Mediterranean Fleet till 1867, and from that time based at Portsmouth.
1879 At Portsmouth armed with only 12 guns.
31 May 1893 sold for breaking up.

Turks and Caicos islands 1987 8c sg902, scott ?

Source: Ships of the Royal Navy by J.J. Colledge.
The Sail and Steam Navy List by Lyon & Winfield.
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