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john sefton
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Captain HMS

Post by john sefton » Thu May 14, 2009 4:27 pm

CAPTAIN 3rd rate 74, Built 1787 Limehouse. During the Revolutionary War she formed part of Lord HOOD's fleet at the occupation of Toulon in August 1793. She was then sent to dismantle the forts and batteries on the Iles d'Hyeres and then accompanied Rear Ad. GELL to Genoa.
On 11 July 1796 Commodore NELSON transferred his broad pennant from the worn out AGAMEMNON to CAPTAIN, For a long time AGAMEMNON's hull had been kept together by cables passed under her bottom. Nelson moved to MINERVE in December 1796 leaving Capt. R.W. Miller in command of CAPTAIN .
When he arrived at Gibraltar on 9 February Nelson learned that a Spanish fleet had passed the Rock to the westward and sailed in pursuit on the 11th. On the 13th he shifted his flag back to CAPTAIN and on the 14th engaged the Spaniards in the Battle of St. Vincent. CAPTAIN lost her fore-topmast and had not a sail, shroud or rope standing, and with her wheel shot away, was incapable of service in the line or in chase.
Nelson ran aboard the SAN NICOLAS and boarded her using the 69th regiment as marines. From her he boarded the SAN JOSEF giving rise to the saying in the fleet that this was "NELSON's patent bridge for boarding First Rates." CAPTAIN lost 7 killed and 10 wounded boarding the SAN NICOLAS, none were lost boarding the SAN JOSEF.
1799 she was used in the blockade of Brest.
On 5 November the boats of CAPTAIN pushed through the surf to bring off the officers and crew of MARLBOROUGH which had been wrecked on a ledge of rocks near Isle Grouat during a gale. In January 1801 CAPTAIN struck a rock off Ushant causing a severe leak. She came into the Sound on the 11th attended by FISGARD and the LORD NELSON cutter, her leak increasing all the time. She fired distress guns until she got to the narrows when all the boats from the dock and the fleet came to help her and she was got into the Hamoaze.
She went back into Service on 5 May 1801.
CAPTAIN was paid off at Plymouth on 6 August 1803 her crew were discharged and she was laid up in ordinary. 1805 At Plymouth for repairs.
Joined Channel fleet in 1807.
She being found unfit for further service, was paid off in 1810 and laid up in the Hamoaze.
At about 11 o'clock on the night of 22 March 1813 a fire broke out in CAPTAIN, she had been recently converted to a hulk.
The SAN JOSEF 114 guns 1st rate [ the same ship taken as a prize by CAPTAIN at St Vincent] was lashed alongside her, had she had not been cut free and towed to a safe distance she too would have gone up in flames.
By midnight the internal parts were fully ignited. More than 200 shots were fired into her to sink her before she drifted into other shipping. At about 4 o'clock, after burning to the water's edge, she slowly sank to the bottom.
Details from Ted Evans, Liverpool.
Gibraltar SG? Micronesia SG?
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john sefton
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Re: Captain HMS

Post by john sefton » Fri Sep 24, 2010 12:08 pm

The MS issued by Ghana in 2005 for the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, is designed after a painting made by Nicholas Pocock in 1807, which showing five warships in which Nelson served as a captain and flag officer.The stamp is a reverse design of the painting, which shows five ships, the MS gives only four ships, according the inscription on the stamp the HMS AGAMEMNON, VANGUARD, ELEPHANT and CAPTAIN, but that is a mistake, the ship in the foreground on the left side of the stamp is the HMS VICTORY, the AGAMEMNON is not depicted. On the right of the MS in the foreground is show the HMS ELEPHANT, behind her with a broadside view is the VANGUARD, on the right in the foreground the VICTORY and behind her the CAPTAIN.The ships are depicted when drying sails in a calm at Spithead, Portsmouth.
Information supplied by Auke Palmhof.
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Re: Captain HMS

Post by aukepalmhof » Wed Nov 26, 2014 3:15 am

The 35c Anguilla issued in 1981 sg 450 stamp was designed after a painting made in 1807 by Nicholas Pocock, which shows five warships on which Nelson served.
HMS AGAMEMNON on the far left.
HMS VANGUARD a broadside view.
HMS ELEPHANT in front of her, a stern view.
HMS CAPTAIN in the middle distance.
HMS VICTORY in the foreground.

The Nicaragua stamp issued in 1998 is also designed after this painting, the inscription gives she is HMS VANGUARD but that is wrong, the ship in the foreground is the HMS VICTORY, Nelson flagship with in the distance the HMS CAPTAIN.

Mozambique 2011 175000MT sgMS?, scott?
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