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Postby aukepalmhof » Mon Jul 06, 2009 9:39 pm

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A new stamp issued by Pitcairn in April 2006 depict this vessel and her captain.
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The first time the brig CHARLES DOGGETT is mentioned was in 1824, when Captain William Driver commanding the brig CHARLES DOGGETT, calls the handcrafted 24 star flag given him on his 21st birthday in honour of his becoming captain of his own merchant ship “Old Glory”, for 13 years he will sail around the world under the flag protection. His tombstone gives that he sailed two times around the world.

Her tonnage is given as 174 tons, and she was brig rigged, but were built, and owned I don’t know. She must be build around 1824, her homeport was Salem Mass. USA.

After the Pitcairners had arrived at Tahiti in 1831, they got infectious diseases, to which they had little immunity.
When after two months on Tahiti already 10 Pitcairners died, the islanders want to return to Pitcairn.

When William Driver arrived with his whaleship CHARLESS DOGGET at Papeete and offered to take the remaining 65 back to there home island for $500.
Captain Driver was homeward bound from Fiji with a cargo of beche de mer, tortoise shell and other items and sundries.
By selling blankets and other necessities under which some copper bolts from the HMS BOUNTY they raised the money.
14 August 1831 the CHARLES DOGGETT with on board the 65 islanders sailed from Papeete, and they reached Pitcairn on 3 September. (W.P. gives 4 Sept.)

Capt Driver received a note of thanks on arrival, which give.

Pitcairn Island Sept. 3 1831

This is to certify that Captain William Driver of the brig CHARLES DOGGETT of Salem carried 65 of the inhabitants of Pitcairn Island from Tahiti back to their native land, during which passage Captain Driver behaved with the greatest kindness and humanity becoming a man and a Christian and as we can never remunerate him for the kindness we have received we sincerely hope (that through the blessing of the Almighty) he will reap that reward which infalliably (sic) attend the Christian.

Was signed by:
George H Nobbs, Teacher.
Arthur (his mark) Quintal.
John Buffett
John Evans

I think she was mostly used as cargo vessel there is only one time an entry in History of the American Whale Fishery by Alexander Starbuck.
11 Jan. 1833 she sailed from Salem, Mass. under command of Capt. Goodwin for the whaling grounds of the Pacific Ocean, there is not a return in the book.

I found her back in Shipping Arrivals and Departures at Sydney.

CHARLES DOGGETT under command of Capt. Woodbury arrived at Sydney on 30/31 May 1835. She arrived from Boston were she sailed on 21 December 1834 and via Bahia 26 Feb. 1935, with a cargo of sundries.
Sailed on 17/18 June for the Society Islands with sundries.
30 Oct. 1835 arrived from New Zealand under command of Capt. Woodbury.
13 Nov. 1835 sailed under command of Capt. Woodley with a cargo of sundries for the Eastern Islands.
25 July 1836 HMS ZEBRA arrived at Sydney with on board Mr. Smith the supercargo of the American brig CHARLES DOGGETT, with the news that she was wrecked at Roratonga. The natives killed several of the crew.

Pitcairn Island 1988 35c sg320, scott303. 2006 $5 sg?, scott?

Sources. The all mentioned books. Watercraft Philately 35/43.
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