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Pharos SG

Postby john sefton » Fri Jul 17, 2009 1:37 pm

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In 2006 the South Georgia Government chartered a new Fishery Patrol Vessel, the MV Pharos SG, to patrol the fishery. The vessel's duties involve ensuring that unlicensed vessels do not operate in South Georgia waters as well as inspecting licensed vessels to check that they are fully compliant with all the conditions of their licences. She spends around two thirds of the year at sea around South Georgia, with brief returns to Stanley in the Falkland Islands to replenish her stores and refuel.

Falklands Philatelic Bureau.

South Georgia SG452
john sefton
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Re: Pharos SG

Postby aukepalmhof » Fri Jul 17, 2009 9:19 pm

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Built as a buoy light house tender under yard No 604 by Ferguson Shipbuilders, Port Glasgow, Scotland for the Commissioners of Northern Lighthouses, Leith.
15 January 1992 keel laid down.
11 December 1992 launched under the name PHAROS, she was christened by Queen Elizabeth.
Tonnage 1.986 grt, 595 net, dwt 675 tons, dim. 79.58 x 14.00 x 5.75m., draught 4.00m, length bpp. 71.89m.
Powered; Diesel electric 5 x M3 x M6-cyl. 3.222 bhp (2.370 kW) NEI-Allen 6PBC12-F; 2 x M4-Cyl. 1.068 bhp (780kW) NEI-Allen 4PBCs12-F, manufactured by NEI-Allen Ltd., Bedford.
Driving 3 generators each 750 Kw connected to 2 electric motors each 1.292 shp (950kW), geared to twin screws. Speed 12 knots. Sea trial speed reached 14.61 knots.
One Elliot White Gil bow thruster, 40 T 3 Azimuthing.
She has two Schilling rudders.
A helicopter deck aft, served by two 750kg store cranes – from aft deck and hold.
One 20 ton crane fitted forward capable of lifting any of the buoys around the coast of the U.K.
Two holds. 200 Square meters buoy working deck.
Crew 7 officers and 16 men.
Accommodation for an additional 13 persons, in single and twin cabins.
06 May 1993 delivered to owners, with port of registry Leith, and based in Oban.

She was used for all types of work related to the lighthouse service, maintaining light-buoys, carried cargo in support of capital projects to the delivery of stores and supplies to the Board’s lighthouses.

08 September 2006 sold to Pharos Marine Ltd., managed by Byron Marine Ltd., Falkland Islands.
Converted in a fishery patrol and logistic support vessel by Garvel Clyde drydock, Greenock.
The modification included new workboats, extra navigation and communications equipment, and she was repainted signal red.
Renamed in PHAROS SG.
Chartered by the Government of South Georgia and the Sandwich Islands, and in use in the waters around this group.
2020 Still in service there, same name and owners, IMO No. 9041265.

South George Islands 2012 65p sg?, scott?
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Re: Pharos SG

Postby D. v. Nieuwenhuijzen » Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:14 pm

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FPV Pharos - Anchored Stanley bay (1).JPG
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South Georgia 2017, 80 p. StG.?
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Re: Pharos SG

Postby aukepalmhof » Thu Nov 12, 2020 7:20 pm

2020 pharos.jpg
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South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands (SGSSI) are set against a backdrop of constant change. Until Captain Cook landed on the island in 1775 and claimed it for King George III, South Georgia was untouched by man. The first sealing expeditions came just a few years later and human driven change began apace. Sealers decimated fur and elephant seal populations and inadvertently introduced rodents which predated native birds and changed the islands immeasurably. Shortly after the sealers left because their industry was no longer viable, a new wave of change came with the whaling industry. As demand for whale oil grew, large processing facilities and shipyards were built on shore and a host of harmful materials and non-native plant species were introduced to the environment. Abandoned in the 1960’s, these facilities leave a valuable historic record and a host of environmental challenges in their wake. The oceans around South Georgia were once again exploited beyond their sustainable limit from over fishing in the 1990’s. However, today nature takes the driving seat and SGSSI is a global rarity – an ecosystem in recovery.
More recently, the changes to SGSSI have mostly been in favour of the environment. Since becoming a Territory in its own right in 1985, the Government of South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands (GSGSSI) has put the environment at the heart of its policies.
Each of the stamps in the new definitive represents an iconic image for SGSSI and has a story of restoration and hope:

£1.25 – PHAROS SG: A vital tool in protecting the SGSSI Marine Protected Area against illegal, unregulated and unlicensed fishing. PHAROS SG also provides vital logistical support to Government, science & monitoring projects and building teams all of which are vital for the sustainable management of the Territory.
2020 South Georgia and Sandwich Islands £1.25 sg?, scott?
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