ZAVETNI destroyer

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ZAVETNI destroyer

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Built as a destroyer by the Belgian Work (Antwerp?) for the Russian Imperial Navy.
1902 Keel laid down.
1902 Launched under the name ZAVETNI.
Displacement 350 tons, dim. 210 x 21 x 8.6ft.
Two vertical triple-expansion steam engines, 5.700 ihp, twin screws speed 26 knots. Steam was supplied by 4 Normand boilers.
Armament 1 – 75mm, 5 – 47mm and 3 – 15 inch torpedo tubes.
Crew 64.

She did belong to the Boiki Class, later know as Z Class.
The ships of this class were later modernized and their armament changed between 1909 and 1913. The 47 mm gun was removed and one torpedo tube. A second 75mm gun installed and mine rails for 18 mines installed.

The ZAVETNI was attached to the Black Sea Fleet and stationed at Nikolaev.
On 01 May 1918 she was scuttled at Sevastopol to prevent her from falling into the hands of the Germans (first world war).
She was raised in August 1921 and broken up the following year.

Ukraina 1997 20k sg190, scott?

Source; Watercraft Philately.

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