VICTORIA paddle steamer 1837

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VICTORIA paddle steamer 1837

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The stamp is designed after a painting of the vessel, painted by John Ward a famous marine painter from Hull, as given by Navicula.
Built as a paddle-steamer by the yard of J.North at Hull for the Hull Steam Shipping Co.
Launched under the name VICTORIA.
Tonnage 698 gross. Dim?
Powered by 240 nhp. steam engine, manufactured by David Napier.
1837 Completed.

Used in the service between Hull and London.
March 1838 got a boiler explosion in her starboard boiler, killing three people, and injuring several more.
Three months later when she was in collision with a brig, during the collision she smashed her starboard paddle wheel, not possible to shut down quickly enough her steam a other explosion happened, killing 5 people.

Lloyds Register of 1841 gives that her owner is Brownlow, and still registered at Hull.
Used in the trade between Hull and London.
Lloyds register of 1852 gives same owner but trading from Hull to Hamburg.
Till so far her fate unknown.

Turks & Caicos Islands 1987 35c sg903, scott?

Source: Navicula. British Paddle Steamers by Geoffrey Body. Lloyds Register. Info received from Mr. John D.Stevenson.

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