SULINA hopper bucket dredger 1923

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SULINA hopper bucket dredger 1923

Post by aukepalmhof » Thu Oct 15, 2009 7:34 pm

According a curator Mr. Carmen Atanasiu of the Museum Romania Marine is the dredger depicts the SULINA built in 1923.
He gives she was a dredger owned by the C.E.D. and put in service in 1923 together with her barges.
Provided with the most modern dredging equipment of that time, costing 3.022.000 gold france.
She was 67 x 5.30??m, with a 950hp., speed 8 knots.
The capacity of her holds were 750 cubic meter.

She was built as a hopper bucket dredger under yard No 478 by Fleming & Ferguson at Paisley, Scotland for the European Commission of the Danube at Sulina.
07 November 1922 launched under the name SULINA.
Tonnage 1.201 grt, 669 nrt., dim.67.1 x 12.8 m.
Powered by two triple expansion 3-cyl steam engines, manufactured by the builder, 157 nhp., twin screws.
February 1923 completed.

1936 Renamed in SIR JOHN BALDWIN.
14 July 1941 bombed during a Soviet aircraft attack and sunk in the Danube Delta.
Miramar gives deleted 1959.

Log Book and Navicula give a SULINA built in 1950, but the ship depict on the stamp looks more like a steam dredger than a diesel engined dredger. I can not find any trace of the 1950 built vessel.

Romania 1981 2.15l. sg4623, scott2998.

Source: Watercraft Philately 1983 page 44 and 52. Miramar. ... sp?id=5885

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Re: SULINA hopper bucket dredger 1923

Post by D. v. Nieuwenhuijzen » Thu Apr 09, 2015 6:46 pm

Depth:5,33m. Draught:3,40m.

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