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Postby aukepalmhof » Wed Oct 28, 2009 7:17 pm

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Built as a wooden auxiliary four-masted cargo schooner under yard No. 15 by the Nakskov Shipyard, at Nakskov, Denmark for the Gronlands Styrelse (The Kongelige Gronlanske Handel’s).
Launched under the name GERTRUD RASK
Tonnage 622 gross, 455 net, 378 dwt., dim. 47.39(bpp.) x 10.51 x 4.42m.
One 3-cyl steamengine, manufactured by Jernsk & Mak., Elisnore, 58 hhp.
June 1923 completed. Homeport Copenhagen.

She was built of oak and pine, and for the service between Denmark and East Greenland.
1923 However on her first voyage to Greenland she went to the west coast of Greenland and had the first Rigsdag Delegation on board to visit Greenland.
The journey became very important for the Danish authorities and their understanding of especially the social conditions in the country.
In those 19 years it sailed between Denmark and Greenland it managed 4-5 journeys a year. Twice it lost her screw during ice navigation and had to sail home. During the service to Ammassaqlik and Scoresbysund, the ship was rough-handled in the pack ice. Once it was icebound for 12 days outside Ammassalik.
20 March 1940 she sailed for the last time from Copenhagen, Denmark’s involvement in WWII on 09 April meant that the ship had to stay in Greenland and help with the supply of goods from America.
On a journey from New York to Holsteinborg during a blizzard with heavy seas she ran aground on rocks and was wrecked off Baccaro Point, West Baccaro, Cape Sable, Nova Scotia, Canada on (I have in my sources 07, 08 and 20) February 1942.
Every person on board was rescued.

The 1996 20.00 Kr. Greenland stamp depict the figure-head of the GERTRUD RASK.
Unfortunately, no one has ever found out who made the figure head. For the stamp Jens Rosing has drawn the figure from memory, supplied by drawings and photos from Nakskov shipyard.

Greenland 1998 4k50 sg343, scott310.
Greenland 2016 36.50 Kr. sg?, scott?

Source: Lloyds Register 1940, and copied from Watercraft Philately Vol. 43 page 15.
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