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Jacques Cartier (Landing ship)

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Jacques Cartier (Landing ship)

Postby john sefton » Wed Nov 11, 2009 8:17 pm

wf 473.jpg
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Jacques Cartier.jpg
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Landing ship laid down : 9.10.81 in GRAND-QUEVILLY (near Rouen) launched 28.4.82. Commissioned September 1983. Displacement 770 tons (1330 full load). Dimensions
80 x 13 x 3m. Machinery, 2 SACM.V12 diesels - 2 propellers 1800 CV. Range 4500m at 13 km. Armament, 2/40 AA. 2.81 mortars, 2 12,7mm machine guns. Speed, 16km.
Complement, 3 officers plus 41 men.
Sensors, sonar 2 hull mounted, helicopter platform.
Designed for overseas service, they carry a landing company consisting of 5 officers plus 133 men and six jeeps on 6lorries. Classical landing ship design with bow doors and storage for tanks and other vehicles above and below decks. One LCVP or one LCP are carried on the upper deck. They are handled by a 10 ton derrick. A maximum load of 330 tons can be carried and cargo can be transferred ashore either by a hydraulic crane or via the bow ramp. Controllable pitch propellers are fitted.
Log Book December 1986.
Wallis and Fortuna Is SG473
john sefton
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Re: Jacques Cartier (Landing ship)

Postby Arturo » Tue Mar 25, 2014 9:28 pm

Jacques Cartier.jpg
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Beter scan of Jacques Cartier

Wallis & Futuna, 1985.
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