YAMAL icebreaker

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YAMAL icebreaker

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Built as a nuclear powered icebreaker under yard No 704 by Baltiyskiy Zavod shipyard in St Petersburg for the Russian Government.
31 October 1986 keel laid down.
04 October 1989 launched under the name YAMAL named after the Yamal Peninsula in Northwest Siberia, the name means End of the Land.
Tonnage 20.646 grt., 2.750 dwt, dim. 150 x 30.0 x 11.08m. (draught), length bpp 130.6m.
Powered by two water pressured nuclear OK-900 reactors, two steam turbines driving 6 generators, 75.000 hp., three shafts, speed 22 knots.
Maximum ice breaking capacity 5 meter, but ridges to 9 meter has been broken
Crew 150.
27 October 1992 completed, after the collapse of the communism.

She never filled her designed role of keeping the Northern shipping lines above North Russia open, but after she was completed she mostly carried passengers on arctic voyages.
She has now accommodation for 100 passengers in 50 cabins or mini-suites.
She can only be used in the northern waters, when she had to cross the equator her cooling system can not cope with the warm water there.
She carried a helicopter for ice navigation and to ferry tourist to shore.

23 December 1996 fire broke out on board, which killed one member of the crew, the nuclear reactor was not affected by the fire, and the crew extinguished the fire in 30 minutes.

From August till September 2009 used in the evacuation of drifting ice stations in the Arctic.

2009 as given by http://www.equasis.org owned and managed by Murmansk Shipping Co., Murmansk. IMO No 9077549. The Murmansk Shipping Co, does not more mention her in the fleet, and an other source the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping gives that she is now managed by Atomflot in Murmansk.

Russia 2009 9.00R sg?, scott?
Mozambique 2009 33.00 MT sg?, scott?
Sierra Leone 2016 LE6000 sg?, scott?
Niger 2018 800F sg?, scott?
Guinea-Bissau 2019 3300FCFA sgMS?, scott?
Maldives 2019 MVR 20 and MS MVR 60 sg?, scott?

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yamal_(icebreaker) and various other web-sites.
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