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On the stamp issued by Iran in 1970 you see the oil-loading terminal of Kargh, on which 10 tankers are berthed alongside the terminal to load a cargo of most probably crude-oil. All are tankers of which 9 have been identified, while one is still unidentified.
On the right side of the pier are berthed YOWA MARU, BERGETUN, BEAU, JAPAN JASMIN, and the unidentified tanker. On the left side are berthed BARBARA, ISOMERIA, ESSO NEWCASTLE, BRITISH GLORY and the KATRINE MAERSK.

YOWA MARU built as a tanker under yard No 1654 by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries at Nagasaki, Japan for Taiheyo Kaiun at Tokyo.
Launched under the name YOWA MARU. She was the first supertanker for the company.
Tonnage 116,183 grt, 83,690 net, 206,557 deadweight. Dim. 315.8 x 50.4 x 26.98m., draught 18.97m. Length bpp. 300m.
Powered by two Mitsubishi steam turbines 36,000 shp, speed 16 knots.
1968 Completed.

1980 Sold to the shipbreaker Yun Shen Steel & Iron at Kaohsiung, Taiwan, where she arrived on 03 December 1980.

BRITISH GLORY built as a tanker under yard 1044 by Vickers-Armstrong at Barrow, England for account of Tanker Charter Co. London.
01 February 1957 launched under the name BRITISH GLORY.
Tonnage 20,687 grt, 12,298 net, 31,917 dwt. Dim. 202.61 x 26.15 x 11.12m. (draught)
Powered by two Vickers turbines, 15,000 hp., speed 15.5 knots.
June 1957 completed.

1973 Sold to Ostria Arm. S.A., Greece, renamed EVROS.
June 1973 sold to Nissho-Iwai at Brazil for breaking up, but resold, she arrived 24 November 1977 at Busan for scrapping.

BERGETUN built as a tanker under yard No. 183 by the Rosenburg yard in Stavanger, Norway for Sigval Bergesen, Norway.
17 June 1967 launched under the name BERGENTUN.
Tonnage 57,729 grt. 38,914 net, 109,545 dwt., dim. 268.47 x 37.2 x 16.20m.
Powered by one B&W diesel engine, 21,000 bhp., speed 15.5 knots.
16 October 1967 delivered.

1977 Sold to Afran Transport Co., Liberia and renamed AFRAN BREEZE.
1980 Sold to Oceanside Ltd., Liberia renamed OCEAN BREEZE.
1984 Sold to Coralvia Maritime Inc., Liberia renamed HARRIS.
03 July 1985 she got engine trouble in position 23 75N 112 42E on a voyage from Ulsan to Kaohsiung.
Taking in tow and arrived Kaohsung 17 July 1985.
Broken up by Gwo Feng Steel at Kaohsiung, which commenced with breaking up on 04 August 1985.

BARBARA, built as a T2-SE-A1 tanker under yard 344 by Alabama Dry Dock & S.B. Co., Mobile, USA for U.S. War Shipping Administration at Mobile.
07 April 1945 laid down.
07 June 1945 launched under the name PHANTOM HILL.
Tonnage 10,172 grt, 6,134 net, 16,613 dwt, dim. 159.6 x 20.7m., length bpp. 153.3m.
Powered by a steam turbine connected to an electric motor manufactured by General Electric Co., 6,000 shp, speed 14.5 knots.
24 July 1945 completed.

1947 Sold to North American Shipping and Trading Co., New York and renamed MERRIMAC.
1957 Sold to Commerce Tankers USA, renamed BARBARA.
1963 Lengthened at Cadiz, Spain, tonnage increased to 15,148 grt, 10,632 net. Dim. 188.97m. length.
1972 Renamed JULIE.
1973 renamed MOUNT JULIE.
1976 Scrapped by Sang Young Trading Co. Ltd., at Inchon, Korea where she arrived 10 April 1976.

BEAU, built as a tanker under yard No. 548 by the Störd Verft at Leirvik, Norway for D/S A/S Avenir Skibs and D/S Beaulieu Beaufort and Seattle, managed by Bjørn Bjørnstad & Co., at Moss, Norway.
11 April 1964 launched under the name BEAU.
Tonnage 34,465 grt, 22,403 net, 59,750 dwt., dim. 236.2 x 32.3 x 12.34m. (draught)
One B&W diesel engine, 20,700 bhp, speed 16 knots.
27 October 1964 completed.

1972 Sold to S/A Avanti S.A. Glarona, S.A. Navilis & S/A Turicum, for about $7.250.000 managed by Tschudi & Eitzen, Norway, renamed SIBEAU.
1973 Sold to Rodocanachi Leasing Ltd., London, renamed HALCYON LOCH.
1974 Renamed by owners in WOODBURN and under British registry.
1979 Sold to Mermaid Cia Maritime S.A., Greece, renamed YEOTA E.
1982 Sold to Porcelain Co. Greece, renamed YEO.
1983 Sold to Silentsea Shipping Inc., Piraeus, Greece, renamed STEFANIA A.
1984 Sold to Echardt Marine Co G.m.b.H at Eleusis Bay, Greece and resold to C.H.Corp. at Chittagong who commenced breaking up on 23 November 1984.
The voyage to the breakers she made under the name STEFANIAS.

ESSO NEWCASTLE, built as a tanker under yard No. 170 by Vickers-Armstrongs, High Walker, Newcastle, U.K. for Esso Petroleum, London.
19 June 1963 launched under the name ESSO NEWCASTLE. One of the Lincoln class of which four were built
Tonnage 31,729 gross, 16,971 net, 48,850 dwt, dim. 226.5 x 31.2 x 11.93m. (draught)
Powered by 2 geared steam turbines, manufactured by Vickers, 19,000 shp., speed 17 knots.
35 Tanks for carrying oil.
December 1963 completed.

1977 Arrived at Sasebo, Japan for conversion by Sasebo Heavy Industries Co. into a floating separation, gas-treating and storage facility for crude oil production.
Accommodation block and funnel removed, and a new spar deck fitted above the main deck.
After the conversion renamed in W.P. No.1.
1980 Renamed EXXON SANTA YNEZ and moored 3½ miles offshore at the Hondo Field, off Santa Barbara, California, attached to a single anchor leg mooring system 1½ miles from the production platform.
She could daily treat up to 40,000 barrels of oil, 25,000 barrels of water and 40 million cubic feet of gas.
Had storage of 197,000 barrels of treated crude oil, 36,000 barrels of offspec products and 18,000 barrels of water.
The oil was transported by a shuttle tanker to Los Angeles.
06 March 1994 was she removed.
2007 Given by IMO no. 5411084, carried the name SANTA YNEZ “dead” (laid up).
2009 Not more mentioned in so most probably broken up.

ISOMERIA, built as a tanker under yard No 316 by the yard of Chantiers et Ateliers de St Nazaire (Penhoet) St Nazaire, France for Société Maritime Shell France.
31 October 1955 launched under the name ISOMERIA.
Tonnage 20,708 grt, 10,417 net, 32,118 dwt. Dim. 201.2 x 25.6 x 10.66m. (draught)
Powered by two geared St Nazaire-Parsons turbines, 13,750 shp, speed 16.5 knots.
June 1956 completed

1967 Lengthened and beam widened tonnage 33,765 grt, 21,549 net, 62,065 dwt., length 239.9m. beam 31.0m., length bpp. 227.2m.
1975 Sold and broken up by Chou’s Iron Steel at Kaohsiung, Taiwan, where she arrived on 21 June 1975.

JAPAN JASMIN, built as a tanker under yard No 1631 by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries at Nagasaki, Japan for the Japan Line at Tokyo
05 March 1966 launched under the name JAPAN JASMIN.
Tonnage 67,403 grt, 45,022 net, 121,129 dwt., dim. 270 x 42.6m., length bpp 256m. Draught
Powered by two Mitsubishi steam turbines, 24,000 shp, speed 16 knots.
1966 completed.

1978 Sold by the Japan Line for scrap, and broken up by Jui Fa Steel & Iron, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, where she arrived on 10 February 1978.

KATRINE MAERSK, built under yard No. 154 by Odense Staalskibs, Odense for D/S Svendborg A/S & D/S, af 1912 ( A.P.Møller) at Copenhagen.
03 October 1960 launched under the name KATRINE MAERSK.
Tonnage 25,053 grt, 15,900 net, 41,850 dwt., dim.212.1 x 27.8 x 11.27m.
Powered by two steam turbines DR geared to 1 shaft, by general Electric Corp., 13,750 shp., speed 15 knots.
October 1961 completed.

1970 Sold to Orchid Maritime Corp., Liberia, renamed KISMET.
1972 Sold to the Argentinean Government, renamed PLAZA HUINCUL.
1987 Sold for breaking up to A.Y.A.S.A. and broken up at Campana in February 1988.

Iran 1970 8r sg1613, scott?

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Sailing ship to supertanker by Mitchell and Sawyer.

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Kargh Island oil terminal 1967

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