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MERCHANT built as a cargo-reefer vessel under yard No 1314 by Cammel Laird S.B. & Eng. Co. Birkenhead for North Western Line (Mersey) Ltd., (a subsidiary of the builder).
25 August 1964 launched under the name SCYTHIA.
Tonnage 5,349 gross, 2,618 net, 7,662 dwt, dim. 139.24 x 18.34 x 8.41m., length bpp. 128m, draught 7.5m.
Powered by one 6-cyl. Sulzer diesel, 9,600 bhp., speed 17.5 knots, one propeller.
Accommodation for 45 men.
1964 Completed.

After completing chartered by the Cunard Line for eighteen years.
04 December 1964 she sailed for her maiden voyage in the service from London to New York.

November 1969 in order to sell her to Thos. & Jas. Harrison the balance of the charter was bought out by the Cunard Line and Harrisons Lines. Renamed as MERCHANT.
Placed in the service from the U.K. to the West Indies general trade.
January 1979 laid up at Leith.
June 1979 sold to the Totness Shipping Corp., Monrovia, and renamed SISAL TRADER.
21 June 1979 sailed for her first voyage for her new owners.
11 April 1984 driven aground by cyclone Kamisy off Mayotte, Comore Islands, and abandoned by the crew.
16 April 1984 refloated.
30 April 1984 arrived at Mombasa.
September 1986 Sold to Murri International Salvage Operations Co. for scrap.
30 September 1986 towed from Mombassa to Gadani Beach, Pakistan for breaking up.

Turks and Caicos Islands 1979 in border of MS on left side.

Source: Marine News 1984/341, 399. 1986/718. Merchant Fleets, Thos & Jas Harrison by Duncan Haws.
Register of Merchant ships completed in 1964. Merchant Ships world built Volume XIII.
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