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Postby aukepalmhof » Fri Jan 15, 2010 7:24 pm

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During 1630 parts of north-east Brazil was conquered by the Dutch Republic from the Portuguese, and till 1654 this area would remain in the possession of the West Indische Companie (WIC).

When in 1637 Prince Johan Maurits van Nassau Siegen was appointed as Governor General of this area, at that time named New Holland or Dutch Brazil he was promised a fleet 32 ships and 7500 troops, but financially this was not possible and only 12 ships and 2700 men were available.

25 October 1636 Johan Maurits van Nassau Siegen left Texel road on board the ZUTPHEN with three other ships. The other 8 ships would follow later.
Due to bad weather and adverse winds the four ships sheltered in Falmouth Bay for 40 days.
When the weather improved they sailed south and without any mishap arrived early 1637 at Mayo, Cape Verde Islands for refreshments and fresh water before the four ships headed for Brazil.
23 January 1637 the four ships arrived off Recife, where the Prince landed.

Of the ZUTPHEN (named after the city Zutphen in the Province of Gelderland, Netherlands) I could not find much, she did belong to the West Indische Companie but where built and when? Not even her commander is given in the sources I have.
Also her fate is not given.

The West Indische Companie ships were mostly used as cargo vessels but also as privateer and for transport of slaves from West Africa to the New World, so most probably the ZUTPHEN was also used in this trades.

Brazil 2009 sg?, scott?

Sources: ... 4&Itemid=2
And various other web-sites. Geschiedenis van Nederland ter Zee by J.C. Mollema.
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