JANE First oil tanker 1862

From the Island of Man Stamp and Coin News issue number 164 I got the following on this stamp

About Eminent Victorian Engineers
On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of HM Queen Victoria the Isle of Man Post Office is delighted to celebrate the great works and inventions of six eminent Victorian engineers.
The Isle of Man's modest size disguises a huge influence on the historical development of engineering, science and technology today in use in everyone's daily lives. This stamp issue presents six great engineers and inventors who influenced food manufacture, clothing, naval gunnery, modern machinery, oil shipments and engine fuel injection in original and unique ways now almost forgotten. It is a celebration of what the Isle of Man does well - providing opportunities to develop great people who go on to provide great service to mankind. Each of these great engineers was either born in the Isle of Man or created their ideas whilst living and working here.
Only one stamp shows us a sailing vessel, the JANE launched in 1862, the first oil tanker in the world. Not much is given on the vessel even Wikipedia has nothing on this small vessel.
From the Island of Man Stamp and Coin News issue number 164 I got the following on this stamp.

Thomas Cummings Gibson was born in Gateshead, and in 1838 his Newcastle based coal company purchased Ramsey shipyard where they employed hundreds of men. He moved his family to live on the Island of Man in the 1850s and the business thrived.
In 1862 he launched the fast wooden schooner called the JANE which had integral iron tanks with his special vapour seals, and it became the first true oil tanker to service American oilfields in Pennsylvania.

(Another source gives iron sailing tank vessel, built to carry oil. The cargo space was divided into compartments by a centre line and several ’thwartship bulkheads. Since they were completely filled and were air-tight, there was no wash. The vessel was fitted with a patent expansion device. source Shipping Wonders of the World.)

The following year he launched the iron-hulled ship the EUTERPE for passenger traffic to Australia and the Far East. She was superbly well made, eventually being renamed STAR OF INDIA and surviving today as the still seaworthy pride of the San Diego Maritime Museum. Thomas Cummings Gibson launched the two greatest ships ever to sail from the Isle of Man,

I found her in Lloyds Registry 1865/66
JANE, fore-and-aft-schooner rigged under command of Captain T. Dawson, built in 1862 by the yard of Thomas C. Gibson, Ramsey, Isle of Man for the Liverpool & Ramsey Oil Refining Co. Ramsey.
Tonnage 166 gross ton, dim. 124.6 x 24.2 x 12.6ft.
Underway from Liverpool to North America.
She was still in the Lloyds Registry 1868/69 with the same details.
Then I could not find her more in Lloyds.
Fate unknown.

The JANE has been an important ship as the first built oil tanker, so I am wondering that I could not find more on her career.

Isle of Man 2019 £2.05 sg?, scott?

Hobine Bune.(Японское рыболовное судно)

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Hobine Bune.(Японское рыболовное судно)

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По Shinobu Мива
Мэйдзи стиль рыбацкой лодки с парусом через воды озера Kasumigaura в префектуре Ибараки.
Daily Yomiuri
Белые паруса вздымаются над рыболовным судном ,контрастируя с голубым небом над озером Kasumigaura в префектуре Ибараки. Большой парус (12м x 20м) используя ветер, толкает лодку по воде, которая тянет за собой 100-метровую сеть, для ловли корюшки и снетка. Сеть представляет собой воронкообразный сетчатый мешок,который в дальнейшем стали называть тралом. Особенностью лодки является крепление снасти трала вверху к парусному рею,а внизу к тросу,который держит нижнюю шкаторину паруса.Сеть тянется или через борт лодки или за кормой вслед лодки. Рыбакам, которые используют такие лодки ,требуется хорошее чувство баланса, так как сильные порывы ветра делают судно неустойчивым. Кроме того, трудно маневрировать рыбацкой лодке, когда ветер стихнет. Этот метод рыбалки начался в эпоху Мэйдзи (1868-1912). Когда устанавливается двигатель в период между 1965 и 1975г, создается траулер. Лодки ,в настоящее время, работают в качестве туристической достопримечательности в конце лета и начале осени.

Das grose Buch der Schiffstypen. Transpress.Bande 2.Seite 225.

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