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Lord Nelson (Cadet Barque)

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Lord Nelson (Cadet Barque)

Postby john sefton » Tue Feb 14, 2012 10:36 pm

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Class A
Rig: barque, 3 masts
Length: 169.5' LOA
Mast Height: 108.5'
Tonnage: Gross 368, displacement 490
Built: 1986, Vosper Thornycroft, Southampton
Crew: 8 permanent, 20 able, 20 disabled

Distinctive features: black hull, white uppers, very flat deck and wheelchair platform out bowsprit for disabled crew. Modern looking one-piece masts.
Comments: Custom built to allow disabled people to experience sail training. Has many innovative features including a speaking compass and elevators between decks.
Name Origin: Horatio Nelson, famous British Admiral (1758-1805)
Sources: Koza, 116; Lord Nelson web page

Isle of Man 1993 SG549
john sefton
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Re: Lord Nelson (Cadet Barque)

Postby aukepalmhof » Sat Jan 25, 2014 1:48 am

Lord Nelson.jpeg
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2017 amerigo vespucci.jpg
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St Maarten 2013 350c sg?, scott?

Update: Built as three-mast sail training vessel by the shipyard of James W. Cook & Company Ltd, Wivenhoe and when this yard was running in financial difficulty when she was half finished she was moved to Vosper Thornycraft UK. Ltd, Southampton, but before the yard completed the work the yard was hit by an industrial dispute and the ship was towed to Coles yard in Cowes where she at least was completed for the Jubilee Sailing Trust in London.
The design was made by Colin Mudie.
19 October 1984 keel laid down.
15 October 1985 launched as the LORD NELSON.
Displacement 400 ton, grt 368, dim. 52.10 x 8.50 x 4.10m. (draught) length of hull 43.00m, length at the waterline 37.20m.
Auxiliary engine: two Mitsubishi Herald diesel engines each 195 kW.
Barque rigged, sail area 845 sq. metre.
Crew: 8 permanent, 20 able, 20 disabled

04 July 1986 christened by Mrs, Sarah Ferguson in Southampton.

2018 In service, same name, and owners. IMO No 1002495.

Togo 2017 3300F sgMS?, scott? in margin on stamp the ship on the right.
Togo 2019 800F sg?, scott?
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