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Postby aukepalmhof » Fri Feb 12, 2021 10:33 pm

2021 pirogue mythiue lomipeau Traditional-Canoes.jpg
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Not much is known about the “lomipeau” canoe depict on this stamp of Wallis et Funtuna, below is given what I found on the internet given by Wikipedia and ... peculation

The Lomipeau canoe, a large traditional boat that could hold up to 100 people, ( the stamp gives 400 people) represents the ties between Wallis-Uvea and the early maritime empire of Tonga of four hundred years ago. It also symbolizes the strong seagoing tradition of these people, particularly their journeys to Tonga, Samoa, and other islands.

Lomipeau is a legend of the Pacific. According to oral traditions, Lomipeau was a giant double-hulled Tongan canoe that was built in the 16th Century. It was capable of carrying four thousand men and many tons of rocks. It was so large that the volcanic islands of Kao and Tofua could pass between the two hulls. Although Lomipeau’s main function was to transport limestone from Uvea (one of the Wallis et Futuna islands) to Tonga for the purpose of tomb building, its significance was beyond that of a functional vessel, as it also demonstrated Tongan capability and authority over islands both within and beyond its imperial borders.
The oral history of Lomipeau might not constitute a conventionally authoritative historical source. This is especially so, as the story lacks detailed descriptions of how the giant canoe was constructed and how it was sailed. However, the legend of this gigantic vessel provokes and legitimates speculations of architectural formations at a scale never realized before in the Pacific. In this context, Lomipeau can be seen as the genesis of a Pacific tectonic complex that is capable of constructing urbanism. ... peculation
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