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A cruiser built at Philadelphia in 1899. A steel ship her displacement was 6,500 tons L420’ x 52’ x 20’8” and ihp 20,000. Armament consisted of 12 6in, quick firing, 12 3-in, and six Hotchkiss guns, with six torpedo tubes. Speed was 23 knots, and complement 571.
The Varyag became famous in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905, when under the command of Admiral V. F. Rudnev she fought and defeated, a Japanese fleet of 14 ships in 1904, sinking three cruisers and one minelayer. The crew of the Varyag then scuttled her to prevent her falling into enemy hands, at Chemulpo, Korea, in February.
Salved by the Japanese in August, 1905, and repaired, she was renamed Soya. Retroceded to Russia by Japan in March 1916, she reverted to her original name. She was removed from the active list about 1920. The stamp shows her with her original type of funnel. When reconditioned by the Japanese she was given ordinary orthodox shaped funnels. SG4118

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Marshall Islands 1998, 60c. StG.991.
Russia 1958, 40k. StG.2184; 1972, 3k. StG.4118.
varyag 40 k.png
varyag 3k.png
varyag foto.png

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