CARMEN brigantine 1879

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CARMEN brigantine 1879

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CARMEN, ex MAURICE, ex SAINTE MARTHE, ex ANNA, built as RIBES, she is a wooden-hulled brigantine rigid sailing ship built-in 1879 in Lussinpicolo (Italy at that time and now Mali Losinj in Croatia).
Built as RIBES. Owner unknown
Tonnage 297 gross, 272 net, dim. 31.70 x 7.50 x 4.17m.

When sold or renamed ANNA I could not find it.
When sold and renamed SAINTE MARTHE I could not find it.

1907 Sold to Mrs. Louise Allaire in Marseille and renamed MAURICE.
She was sold in 1908? too Madame Veuve Augustine Faucon in Marseille gives it the name of her daughter Carmen.
This mission of sealing will see the light of day thanks to the meeting of the Bossière brothers, Madame Alphonsine Augustine Maria Durieux (widow of Mr. Faucon), and her friend and future husband René Dastré.
Captain René Dastré sailed from Marseille on March 13, 1908, on the CARMEN. This campaign is relatively successful and lasts until March 1909. This association is followed by legal entanglements and will not give any positive results thereafter

Commanded by the long-distance captain René Dastré, with a crew of 22 men, the "CARMEN" carried out an elephant seal hunting campaign in Kerguelen between October 1908 and January 1909.
The expedition ended in financial failure. , because the vessel, without an auxiliary engine, is ill-suited to the sailing conditions at Kerguelen. The "CARMEN" and its cargo were sold in Melbourne in March 1909.

In 1909 she brought to Melbourne, 50-tuns of sea elephant oil from the Kerguelen Islands. A short time later it was purchased and renovated by the Carmen Shipping Co for use in the Tasmanian timber trade. In 1912, whilst on a voyage from Sydney to Hobart; and when off Montague Island the vessel became dismasted in a storm. It was taken in tow by the steamer WEE CLYDE whereby they made their way back to Sydney. Later that year it was sold to ship owners; McIllwraith & McEacharn and towed to Melbourne to be converted into a coal hulk/lighter for the company. There it operated as a lighter for the next 24 years until meeting its end behind the old Williamstown Rifle Range..

In what could only be described as a brazen act, the owners of the CARMEN and ESTER (having no further use for these vessels) decided as a means of disposal, and without any authority to do so, to run both lighters ashore at the back of Williamstown, and to set them on fire.
In February 1936, the Williamstown Advertiser describes the end of the CARMEN and the ESTER:
Burning from stem to stern, two lighters, veterans of the days of sail, were burnt last Monday off the Williamstown rifle range. They are the Victorian Lighterage Co's ESTER and CARMEN. The manager of the company (Mr Treacy) set fire to the vessels on Monday afternoon. Formerly a three-masted barque, the Ester was built in Scandinavia for shipping timber to Australia. Of 400tons, she was 35 years old and had been trading between Melbourne and Geelong for 20 years. The Carmen, a brigantine, was built in Italy 55 years ago. As a Norwegian whaling relief ship in the Antarctic, she brought oil to Melbourne and Hobart. For 20 years she traded in the Bay.
In March 1936, at a Williamstown council meeting, there was a follow up to this incident:
From the Ports & Harbours branch, Melbourne, acknowledging receipt of an objection to the granting of permits for the destruction of vessels off the beach at Williamstown, and intimating that permits are never issued to sink vessels in such circumstances. Also stating that suitable action is being taken through the Crown Law authorities with the object of compelling the owners to remove the lighters referred to.

Later part of the write-up is downloaded, and more info on her fate is given:

Source Navicula. Internet
French Southern and Antarctic Territories 2001 5.29fr sg?, Scott ?
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