B-2 submarine

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B-2 submarine

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The class was built at the Spanish Naval Shipyard (SECN) in Cartagena for the Spanish Navy.
The B-2 submarine depict on the stamp was the second unit of this class.
24 August 1917 keel laid down.
10 October1921 launched as the B-2.
Displacement 556 tons surface and 718 tons submerged, dim. 64.18 x 5.60 x 5.18m, draught on surface 3.55m.
Powered by two 8-cyl. Nelseco diesels, 1,400 bhp, twin shafts, speed 16 knots on surface, electro motors 850 hp, speed 10.5 knots submerged.
Radius 4.900 mile by a speed of 10.5 knots on surface, 125 mile by 4.5 knots submerged. Armament 8 torpedoes (4 reserve) that were launched using four 450 mm torpedo tubes, two forward and two aft; 1 x 76.2 / 45 mm Vickers “SS” cannon, assembled in the 1930s. Crew 34.
06 January 1922 commissioned.

The Spanish “B” class submarines were six submarines of the US Electric Boat Co. project 105.F or improved “Holland” class. They were built by the SECN in Cartagena. They had a good diving behaviour and were very manageable. They had a double hull divided into 11 watertight bulkheads. Fitted out with two periscopes. They reached a maximum depth of 60 meters, although the operation was 40 meters.
At the beginning of the Civil War, the first four submarines of the series were assigned to the Mahón Flotilla.

The B-2 B2 commanded during part of the Civil war by a Russian officer who used the pseudonym "Tomás Asensio". At the end of the war, it was semi-sunk in Cartagena. After being refloated, it was used for a time as the Ferrol Naval Mechanics School, and from 1948 as a “floating power plant”, until 1951 when it was sold for scrapping, which was never produced when it sank during a storm when the towing cables broke while it was towed from Ferrol to Avilés for scrapping

04 May 1951 stricken and sold for scrapped in 1952.

Source: Various internet sites https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Submarinos_Clase_B_(1922)
Spain 1938 4p and 10p sg 857c and 857e Scott?
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