KING KALEB and his fleet

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KING KALEB and his fleet

Post by aukepalmhof » Thu Sep 23, 2021 9:26 pm

525 A.D. Kaleb, king of Aksum, formed a fleet and crosses from Africa to conquer Yemen. He establishes better trade ports on the Red Sea
Around 520, King Kaleb sent an expedition to Yemen against the Jewish Himyarite King Dhu Nuwas, who was persecuting the Christian/Aksumite community in his kingdom. These wars may have been Aksum’s swan-song as a great power, but it is also possible that Ethiopia was affected by the Plague of Justinian.

The stamp shows us King Kaleb and his fleet, I don’t believe in 515 AD they have in that are this kind of rigging on the vessel?

Wikipedia and the internet.
Ethiopia 1962 20c sg 554, scott?
1962 Kaleb's Fleet + Coronation-of-Haile-Selassie (2).jpg
1962 Kaleb's Fleet + Coronation-of-Haile-Selassie (2).jpg (77.45 KiB) Viewed 98 times

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